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Nature vs. Nurture Behavioral Genetics o Nature: Genetics/Biology o Nurture: Environment (communities, neighborhood, etc) Heritability o Definition: Individual differences in observed behavior that are due to our genes o Genotype: Our genetic code for a trait o Phenotype: The way our DNA is actually expressed in our lives Depending on our trait, some phenotypes are very, very narrow Example: Our eye color Example: A persons height o Trait = Heritability (genes) + Environment Estimates range from 0.0 1.0 This scale is for heritability 0.0 means that 0% of the trait is only based on environment 1.0 means that 100% of our trait is due to our genetics and nothing is based on the environment Theres no known trait at 0.0 and 1.0 o Depression : 30% due to genes o Schizophrenia : 80-86% o IQ: 50% o Temperament : 40-50% How do you test for heritability? o Twin Studies: Type 1 o MZ twins raised apart (monozygotic) o Share 100% of their DNA o Identical twins o Different Environments: Similarity due to genes o Limitations: Adoption environments similar; hard to find these twins o Twin Studies: Type 2 o MZ raised together and DZ (dizygotic) raised together o DZ: Two zygotes share the same womb, also known as Fraternal twins and share 50% of their DNA o Controls for shared environment effects o Heritability = (MZ same DZ same) x 2 How Nature and Nurture Work Together?... View Full Document

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