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Running Head: SUPPLY CHAIN DESCRIPTION Supply Chain Description Sarah Larson Rasmussen College Author Note This research is being submitted on August 18, 2013, for Dr. Jennifer Trouts B360/MAN3504 Section 01 Operations Management - 2013 Summer Quarter course at Rasmussen College by Sarah Larson. Supply Chain Description Yum! Brands, Inc. owns Pizza Hut and many other fast food franchises around the world. The company actively works with their suppliers to make sure that the products that Pizza Hut receives are safe and of superior quality. Unified Foodservice Purchasing Co-op, LLC (UFPC) manages the supply chain for all corporate and most franchise owned restaurants in the United States (Yum! Brands, Inc., 2010) which includes Pizza Hut. UFPC negotiates volume purchases of equipment, food, packaging, and other supplies from manufacturers and suppliers for the companys system. Yum has a system in which they use to select the suppliers which will be used for the products called supplier tracking and recognition (STAR). used for the products called supplier tracking and recognition (STAR).... View Full Document

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