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Aaron Battaglia NT1210 Unit 2 Assignment 1 Identifying Network Topologies RING: Older type of Topology. It connects devices in a sequence, in a circular pattern. Transmissions go one direction. Any message that must travel in the opposite direction must traverse the entire ring. The Ring topology is still used in todays except they use double rings that allow messages to go either direction. BUS: Devices are split off from a central line. The devices share the central line all devices receive all messages. A terminator is required to prevent messages from bouncing back onto the line after being transmitted. STAR: Uses either a switch or hub in the center. Each device has a single connection to the central routing device. With a HUB, all traffic is forwarded to all other connections. With a SWITCH, it is sent only to the specific destination. MESH: A network that interconnects EVERY device in the network to every other device in the network. This allows redundant links in case of problems but requires more overhead in cabling. Below are three websites where information on Network Topologies can be found: 1. 2. 3. View Full Document

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