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of Principles Management Gaining Power and Influence Part 3 The Abusive Boss Micro-manager obsessed with details and perfection Inexplicit direction with decisive delivery treats everything as a priority, requiring immediate and careful attention Mercurial mood swings unpredictable responses Obsession with loyalty and obedience believes you are either for me or against me Status derogation criticizes subordinates in public Capricious actions known for arbitrariness and hypocracy Exercises raw power for personal gain entitlement to the spoils of victory Neutralizing Influence Attempts or how to resist an abusive boss Neutralize Retribution strategies used by others o Use countervailing power, even in situations of unequal power to build interdependency e.g. boss will look bad to his boss if he fails because you are not doing what he wants o Confront person directly and identify what they are doing naming something that someone is doing to tends stop the behavior o Active resistance deliberate non-compliance or going above persons head to their boss Neutralize Reciprocity strategies of others o Examine intent of what they are doing to make sure what strings are attached o Direct confrontation when people are bargaining and suggest alternative exchange o Refuse to bargain last resort Neutralize Reason strategies of others o Provide alternative reasons and evidence, through acknowledging their needs, explaining your concerns, and suggesting an alternative with reasons and evidence o Appeal to basic fairness or the right to say no when your reasons fail o Firmly refuse to comply last resort Power and Influence Be aware that politics in organizations is always present Politics is the attempts to develop and exercise power It becomes obvious when done for personal not organizational ends Learn to tailor power and influence strategies to the individual situation and person ... View Full Document

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