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&quot;Redemption in The <a href="/keyword/kite-runner/" >kite runner</a> &quot; There comes a time in every man's life when he makes a decision that is going to cause him to seek for redemption for the rest of his days. It is not until he reaches that point of redemption that he can rest peacefully with the mistakes he has made. Redemption is one of the most important themes we see in The <a href="/keyword/kite-runner/" >kite runner</a> through Amir and Baba. Their reasons for seeking redemption come from things that they did to Hassan. Amir's incident was allowing Hassan to be brutally raped by Assef. The mistake Baba made was having an affair with Sanaubar and being the father of Hassan. Redemption can be sought for and never reached such as Baba's case or it can take numerous years and a brutal beating such as Amir's case. In Baba's life, he runs into a few conflicts with trying to seek redemption. The first is the conflict that arises between Hassan and Amir. The question arises from Amir to Baba about getting new servants. Baba responded to Amir by telling him, &quot;You bring me to shame. And Hassan ... Hassan's not going anywhere, do you understand?&quot; (90). This quote gives us our first reason to believe that Hassan is something much more then just a servant to Baba. We later find out that Hassan is in fact Baba's son. Baba realizes that the only way for him to get redemption is if Hassan stays with the family in Kabul. If Hassan leaves, the idea of redemption is virtually non-existent for Baba. All of this has been put on Baba due to the fact that he has not only committed adultery to his deceased wife, but also because he had an affair with his best friends wife. Amir's sense of redemption is also coming into this quote. He is so ashamed of his actions that at this time, he just wants to get away from Hassan and forget about what he has done. Unlike Baba, Amir will get the chance to get redemption. Amir is desperately trying to seek redemption for his actions against Hassan, which brings him to the scene at the pomegranate tree. In an attempt to get redemption, Amir throws pomegranates at Hassan to anger him and with hope that he will attack him back and make him feel better. In anger Amir yells out, &quot;Hit me Back, goddamn you!&quot; ... &quot;You're a coward!&quot; ... &quot;Nothing but a goddamn coward!&quot; (92). This quote shows the anxiety that Amir has for his decision he made and his continuing desire for redemption. However, Hassan refuses to throw the pomegranates at him. This absolutely devastates Amir, because this is the final attempt for Amir to get his redemption with Hassan. Also, this act eventually leads to another action that will cause Amir great pain as well. He ends up framing his best friend Hassan for stealing from him. This not only causes Amir pain, but this is basically the end of Baba's opportunity to find redemption in Hassan due to the fact that he will never see his son again for the rest of his life. It is not until Rahim Khan tells Amir his obligation to rescue Hassan's son Sohrab that he actually gets the chance for redemption again. After he hears how his father betrayed Hassan just as he had betrayed him, he realizes that his only option is to save Sohrab. Amir is greatly devastated by the news of his lost friend, which gives him the ultimate strength to go into Kabul and retrieve his half brother's son. It is not until Amir reaches the verge of death from Assef that he realizes he has found his redemption. &quot;I hadn't been happy and I hadn't felt better, not at all. But I did now. My body was broken- just how badly I wouldn't find out until later- but I felt healed.&quot; (289). Amir has finally accomplished something that Baba spent his entire life searching for, and that is redemption. Amir can finally rest in peace because he found redemption, which is what he had been seeking since the day at the pomegranate tree. When Rahim Khan stated, &quot;There is a way to be good again,&quot; he truly showed Amir how to seek redemption. Through Rahim Khan's helpful advice, Amir was able to find something that his father had dreamed of. That was redemption. Although getting redemption took many years and a near death experience, it ultimately changed Amir's life for the better. Baba would be incredibly proud of his son for accomplishing something that even he himself could not do. ... View Full Document

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