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Terms Definitions
zygote A fertilized egg
flower reproductive structureof an angiosperm
anther and filament make up stamen
Gametophyte The plant produces two gametes
rhizome the underground stem of a fern
seed plant structure that contains an embryo
Peat Moss Black-brown material consisting of compressed layers of dead moss that grows in bogs.
rhizoids thin, robotlike structures that anchor the moss and absorb water and nutrients
seed leaves of a young plant cotyledons
Flowering Plants Angiosperms; produce seeds, fruit, and broad leaves
embryo early stage in the development of plants
cuticle waxy lipid found on leaves that prevents water evaporation in plants
Fiddleheads Ferns have true roots, stems, and leaves. When developing the coils are called fiddleheads.
Xylem The tissue that conducts water and mineral nutrients in vascular plants
chloroplast A plant cell structure in which photosynthesis occurs
Hydroponics plants grown in solutions of nutrients instead of soil
Angiosperm a flowering plant that produces seeds within a fruit
pollination the transfer of pollen from male reproductive structures(stamen) to female reproductive structures(pistil/ovary) in plants
gymnosperm a plant that produces seeds but does not produce flowers
lateral meristems increase root and stem diameter as result of secondary growth
ovary part of the pistil that contains the ovules (structure with the egg). The ovary becomes the fruit
Vascular tissue a specialized tissue in plants that carries water and nutrients
photosynthesis The process by which plants and some other organisms capture and use light energy to make food from carbon dioxide and water
fertilization occurs when a sperm cell unites with an egg cell
The broad, flat, thin leaf- like parts of a flower, called ____, attract insects and other animals petals
nonvascular plant a plant that does not have specialized tissues to move water and nutrients in the plant
stigma the flower part tht is the tip of the pistil
stoma opening in a leaf or a stem of a plant that enables gas exchange to occur
Name two advantages of seeds over spores. young plants receive nourishment from the seed, seeds can be spread by animals which is more efficient
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