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militia civilan soldiers
distraught terribly upset
14th President Franklin Peace
Federalists supporters of the constitution.
Second Great Awakening religious revival
Billy Sunday evangelist who wanted prohibition
Social darwinism survival of the fittest
Rodger Sherman suggested The Great Compromise.
27th Amendment Limiting Congressional Pay Raises
James Madison took notes in constitutional convention
Confederacy government who formed Articles of Confederation, States created limited power of government, make war/peace, no power to tax
william paterson created the New jersey plan
Laissez-Faire ____- hands off government policy. Lowered income tax and inheritance tax rates and apporved higher tariffs that benefitted domestic manufacturing.
National Trades' Union Early national workers' organization.
J.F. Cooper Transcendentalist writer, wrote The Last of the Mohicans
Slavery and the West Indies where slavery started
Daniel Webster senator who denounced nullification as treasonous
Puritans group of harsh English Protestants who settled the Massachusettes Bay Colony
Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of Independence
fourteen points wilson made these points after war
Bill Clinton 42nd President advocated economic and healthcare reform; Dayton Accords; second president to be impeached
Pontiac's Uprising Settlers encroached on Ottowan land and Pontiac fought back
Bull-Moose Party The Progressive Party, it was Roosevelt's party in the 1912 election. He ran as a Progressive against Republican Taft, beating him but losing to Democrat Woodrow Wilson.
inflation rise in prices due to devalued money
The former New England and Middle colonies compprised the what region of the US? get
James Beckworth African American man who travelled west from Virginia to escape slavery. He was accepted as a chief by the Crow Indians. He discovered a mountain pass through the Sierra Nevadas to CA.
Bill of Rights Guarantees that the individual freedoms of American citizens will be protected
PLO Who: Group Arab nationalists made after combining Arafat’s Palestinian National Liberation Organization and Nasser’s Palestinian Liberation Organization. What: Operated out of the Gaza strip and viewed as terrorists by the Israelis and Freedom Fighters by the Palestinians.When: Started in 1964Where: Operated out of the Gaza Strip and carried out attacks in IsraelWhy: Began of Freedom Fighter movement, promoted self-determination and the destruction of Israel.
The discovery of the comstock load brought how many settlers? 15,000
Ashcan School school of American Art that painted urban life and working people with gritty realism and no frills
manifest destiny u.s. should expand across the pacific ocean
Britain counrty we fought against in the War of 1812
Half-Way Covenant a group of ministers adopted this covenant, it set out terms for church membership and participation. members had to have a conversion experience. More people became attenders than members. Aggravated puritans even more
Northwest Ordinance 1787 establish a procedure to make territories into states
Indentured Servants colonists who received free passage to North America in exchange for working without pay for a certain number of years
14th Amendment said that everyone born or naturalized in the United states was a citizen and that no state could restrict his or her rights, and also, provided punishment of states that did not permit African American to vote
Sand Creek Massacre Slaughter of a friendly Cheyenne encampment at Sand Creek, Colorado on Nov. 28, 1864 by the Colorado Volunteers (militia) under Col. J.M. Chivington.
Rachel Carson author of "Silent Spring" - expressed the hazards of DDT
Limited Government government has only the power the constitution gives them
Fifty years of effort by sufragist secured approval of waht in 1920? 19th amendment
The program under which the United States of America supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, France and other Allied nations with vast amounts of war material between 1941 and 1945. Lend-Lease Act
What book written by Thomas Paine encouraged the colonies to break away from British rule? "Common Sense"
Rural Electrification Administration New Deal program that provided affordable electricity for isolated rural areas
Jim Crow laws that were named after a minstrel show; laws that restricted African Americans
Who are the sandlotters? Workers waiting to attack the Chinese
Cuban missile crisis (1962) several days during which the United States teetered on the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union
Mayflower Compact a written plan for a government signed by the Pilgrims before they came ashore at Plymouth Rock
Cleveland and McKinley wanted to steer clear of any entanglements in cuba
Democratic Republican Societies Local organizations in support of the French Revolution. They were skeptical about the Federal Government and argued for simplicity.
Camp David Accords agreement calling for Israel to return all land in the Sinai in exchange for Egyptian recognition of Israel's sovereignty. Egyptian Sadat agreed and was labeled a traitor
Treaty of Paris, 1783 Agreement that officially ended the Revolutionary War and established British recognition of the independence of the United States from Britain; treaty declared the western boundary of the new nation to be the Mississippi River; however, Britain continued to leave its forts in the west; France and Spain also made peace with Britain in the treaty, and Spain regained control of Florida; the United States promised to pay what Americans owed British merchants and allowed Loyalists to claim property loses
Bonus Army- army veterains who went and camped out in support of the Patman Bill
C. of Correspondence local groups that formed to coordinate the resistance against the British
Atlantic Charter Winston Churchill met with the US and renounced the war and promised to work for a peaceful world based on equality and equal commercial opportunity
govn't stimulus to build rr private investors, borrowed money from state govnts, small towns often paid to have tracks laid in hopes of becoming a a boom town (often didn't get what they paid for)
Clayton Act of 1914 stated that labor unions and farm organizations were not subject to antitrust laws. Also, it declared strikes, boycotts, and peaceful picketing legal activities
George Washington Willed his slaves to be freed on the death of his wife
U.S. v Nixon This court case ruled that Nixon could not claim executive privilege and that he had to turn over the tapes.
George Marshall name of the chief of staff who pushed for an invasion of Northern France
A,D and E What were the THREE branches of the system of checks and balances?
A. Executive
B. Continental
C. Federalist
D. Judicial
E. Legislative
American Colonization Society Hoped slaves would go back to Liberia if they were freed, Marcus Garvey was the leader
Battle of New Orleans battle in 1815 between american and british troops for control of New Orleans, ending in an american victory
Roscoe Conkling Who was a senator from New York in the 1870's and 1880's, who was the Republican political boss of the state, and supporter of the patronage system?
submarines and convoys two actions of the U.S. that made a difference for the Allies were that the U.W. helped the British find and destroy German_;teamsif navy destroyers, or_ escorted groups of merchant ships across the Atlantic so that Allied shipping losses were cut drastically
What was the 2nd great awakening a backlash to? relgious rationalism and materialism
General Ulysses S. Grant The main general of the Union Army. He was brave and bold. His daring attacks and recklessness lost him many men.
using federal troops to control the workers the government responded to the Pullman strike by
Second Bank of the United States (AJ) , chartered in 1816, much like its predecessor of 1791 but with more capital; it could not forbid state banks from issuing notes, but its size and power enabled it to compel the state banks to issue only sound notes or risk being forced out of business.
What caused America change their thinking of the war? the fall of France -they began to think that Germany was a threat to National Security
What does the election of 1796 tell us about the development of the first party system? There was fierce competition. Intense campaigning took hold. The loser got to be vice president.... Hmm...
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