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consequential adj
pompous, self-important
(primary defintions: logically following, important)
Javier thinks that his views are the most consequential
pusillanimous adj
cowardly, craven
contumacious adj
insubordinate, rebellious
think "con too much" "going too far"
means insult of scorn
puissance noun
power, strength
pussiant means powerful, strong
Women (pussy) are pussiant.
singular adj
exceptional, unusual, odd
"He was singularly well-suited for the job."
fell adj
inhumanly cruel
Fell beasts surrounded the explorers
diaphanous adj
transparent, guazy
think ph | light, see through
jejune adj
vapid, uninteresting, nugatory, childish, immature, puerile
Like children chasing June bugs, you are very jejune.
salacious adj
lustful, lascivious, bawdy
The sala was filled with salacious people wanting all the Oscar goodies.
assiduous adj
diligent, hard-working, sedulous
I sit on my assiduous ass and just do it.
plangent adj
pounding, thundering, resounding
The sound of the plates banging was plangent.
grouse verb
to complain or grumble
"That´s grouse"
wag noun
wit, joker
Every office has their own wag to keep everyone happy!
plastic adj
moldable, pliable, not rigid
Plastic has a plastic quality when placed under heat.
mince verb
pronounce or speak affectedly, euphemize, speak too carefully
"Don't mince words during your speech"
to take tiny steps, tiptoe
brook verb
to tolerate, endure, countenance
obstreperous adj
noisily and stubbornly defiant, agressively boisterous
Ostriches are often obstreperous with anyone but their parents
Think agressive ostriches
descry verb
to discriminate or discern
I cry when people descry against me as I am a gringa.
puerile adj
childish, immature, jejune, nugatory
You little jejune nuggat! You're so puerile, juvenil.
salutary adj
remedial, wholesome, causing improvment
Salud: remedy, remedial, causing improvment
diffident adj
reserved, shy, unassuming, lacking in self-confidence
When speaking Spanish, Anca can turn rather diffident different to her outgoing personality.
panegyric noun
formal praise, eulogy, encomium
panegyrical means expressing elaborate praise
gyric: churchy, formal praise
tendentious adj
biased, showing marked tendencies
He showed his marked political tendencies obviously. He's now marked by his tendentious behavior.
tyro noun
novice, greenhorn, rank amateur
Tyra is a tyro when it comes to talk shows.
indefatigable adj
not easily exhaustible, tireless, dogged
fatigue: un fatiguable
inveterate adj
deep rooted, ingrained, habitual
inbeded: inveted: inveterated
encomium noun
glowing and enthusiastic praise: tribute, eulogy
In good company, my parents frequently resort to encomium.
in company | encomium
lumber verb
to move heavily and clumsily
"Walruses are lumbering giants on land, not in the water"
cardinal adj
major, as in cardinal sin
table verb
to remove (as a parliamentary motion) from consideration
"They tabled the motion and will consider it again later"
"The motion was tabled, shoving it down the table"
exact verb
to demand, call for, require, take
Even a victorious war exacts a heavy price
obtain adj
to be established, accepted, or customary
Those standards no longer obtain. Now Panera is working under new Red Robin's obtained standards.
adumbrate verb
to foreshadow vaguely or intimate, to suggest or outline sketchily, to obscure or overshadow
For dumb people, oranges adumbrate death in the Godfather. For smart people, it foreshadows death.
apogee noun
farthest or highest point, culmination, zenith
They got to the apogee on the mountain! Gee that's high!
stygian adj
gloomy and dark
Stars | stygain
voluble adj
fluent, verbal, having easy use of spoken language
The talkative child was voluble in many languages, including one of his own.
inimitable adj
one of a kind, peerless
Noone can imitate him, he´s inimitable.
excoriate verb
to censure scathingly, to upbraid
Ex-corrupte government of Romania excoriated everything.
execrate verb
denounce, feel loathing for, curse, declare to be evil
Romanians execrate gypsies, some declaring that they are so evil, they must exit the country in crates
Think gypsies in crates
broach verb
bring up, announce, bring to talk about
We recently broached the topic of...
guy noun/verb
a rope, cord or cable attached to something as a brace or guide, to steady of reinforce using a guy
Think of a guy supporting his girlfriend with a rope
expiate verb
to atone or make amends for
Kim Kardashian has expiated her movie career by good clothing line and husband.
ossified adj
tending to become more rigid, conventional, sterile and reactionary with age, litterally turned into a bone
fossil | ossified
My dad is on his way to becoming ossified.
prize verb
to pry, to press or force with a lever: something taken by force or spoils
"Tortured, the information was prized from him."
list verb
to tilt or lean to one side
"The ship's broken mast listed helplessly in the wind"
credible plausible
chicanery trickery
adversity hardship
effrontery brazen boldness
convoluted intricate; complex
impudent saucy; impertinent
dogmatic stubbornly opinionated
blithe carefree; merry
duplicitous deliberately deceptive
sophistry plausible but misleading
circumspect careful; prudent; discreet
opprobrium disgrace; contempt; scorn
calumny to slander; aspersion
validity soundness or truthfulness
inopportune ill-timed; unsuitable; inappropriate
quell to put down forcibly
disingenuous insincere; lacking in honesty
cower shrink in fear; cringe
chasten to chastise or correct
byzantine extremely complicated or devious
detraction slandering; verbal attack; aspersion
cacophony harsh, jarring, discordant sound
obsequious exhibiting a fawning attentiveness
insinuate to introduce or communicate stealthily
furtive marked by stealth, covert, surreptitious
spurious lacking authenticity or validity; false; counterfeit
artless completely without guile; natural; without artificiality
curative able to heal or cure
disabuse to undeceive to set right
craven contemptibly fainthearted; lacking any courage
lethargic lacking energy; sluggish or sleepy
diffuse dispersed or scattered; not centralized
retard to slow delay or hamper
rudimentary basic; elementary; in the earliest stages of development
bombast self-important or pompous writing or speech
intemperance excessive indulgence of appetite or passion, esp. in regard to alcohol; lack of constraint
anodyne soothing; something that assuages or allays pain or comforts
abscission act of cutting off or removing
boor a rude or intensive person; lout
expurgate to remove objectionable content before publication or release
rescind to invalidate; to repeal to retract
corrigible capable of being set right; correctable; reparable
eradicate to remove completely; to annihilate; to pull out by the roots
enervate to weaken; to reduce in vitality
gaffe a clumsy social error; a faux pas
conspire to secretly work together with the intent to commit a wrong or illegal act
burnish to polish; to rub to a shine
abscond to depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide
amalgam a combination of diverse elements; a mixture
equivocate to use ambiguous language with a deceptive intent
denouement an outcome or solution; the unraveling of a plot
sever to remove or separate by cutting off
extrapolate to infer or estimate by extending or projecting know information
superficial lacking depth; existing on or near the surface
denigrate to blacken; to belittle; to sully; to defame; to disparage
mollify to calm or soothe; to reduce in emotional intesity
effluvia outflow in a stream of particles; a noxious odor or vapor
esoteric intended for or understood by a small, specific group
aver to state as a fact; to confirm or support
prune to cut back or clip branches or other parts of a plant, esp parts that are dead
digress to stray from the point; to go off on a tangent
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