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Terms Definitions
know about.. Compromises!
resurgence political party comeback
dealignment party system breaks down
Government Consists of institutions established to make and enforce laws; regulates the lives of its citizens
Bill of rights First 10 amendments
plurality election getting the most votes
John locke Philosopher of the american revolution. social contract
inherent Starting with Roosevelt's New Deal, presidents began testing their _ powers in times of crisis.
amicus curiae brief friend of the court
Select Committees Congressional committees appointed for a limited time and purpose
Libertarianism All aspects of the government should be limited; they should not interfere with the free market or promote traditional values
Liberalism Prefer active, strong government in economic affairs, but less government to regulate social conduct
Laissez-faire "Let alone" ; minimum intervention by government in economic affairs
Read about.. Roanoke J-town. Plymouth..and how the 13 colonies came to be
Communism An economic system based on government ownership of means of production
Scientific method Entails formulating a question with precision, gathering and analyzing empirical evidence that is relevant to the question, and then proposing a generalization or conclusion
strict scrutiny When suspect classification is used, it is subject to _.
conference A temporary committee from both houses of Congress is called a _ committee.
honeymoon period Presidents are most effective with Congress during the _.
establishment The _ clause prohibits the formation of a national religion.
power to persuade Because presidents' powers are limited, they use their _ to achieve what is expected of them.
Voice vote A congressional voting procedure in which members shout "aye" in approval or "no" in disapproval
Whip A senator or representative who helps the party leader stay informed about what party members are thinking, rounds up members when important votes are to be take, and attempts to keep a nose count on how the voting on controversial issues is likely to go
Legitimacy by habit When a particular government exists for a long time and people become accustomed to obeying its laws
Social contract Government derives its power from the consent of the people and government is instituted among people to protect and promote life, liberty, and property
presidential veto; executive orders The president's three legislative powers are the State of the Union address, the _, and _.
exclusionary The right to legal advice is called the _ rule.
de jure; de facto African Americans have experienced both _ and _ discrimination.
run-off election new election between 2 candidates due to previous tie
Restrictive rule An order from the House Rules Committee in the House of Representatives the permits certain kinds of amendments but not others to be made to a bill on the legislative floor
Trial Balloon Information provided to the media by an anonymous public official as a way of testing the public reaction to a possible policy or appointment
Rational-legal legitimacy Based on the electoral process, as in the case of the president of the United States who derives legitimacy from popular election
cloture A vote to stop a filibuster is called a _ and requires a three-fifths vote.
Runoff primary A second primary election held in some states when no candidate receives majority of the votes in the first primary: the runoff is between the two candidates with the most votes. Runoff primaries are common in the South
Legitimacy by results When the government may gain or retain legitimacy from their people by providing them what they want most.
Jim Crow laws Laws which were on the borderline of being illegal were called _.
roll call vote An issue is returned from a committee to the floor, where it is subject to a _.
Discharge petition A device by which any member of the House, after a committee has had a bill for thirty days, may petition to have it brought to the floor. If a majority of the members agree, the bill is discharged from the committee. The discharge petitions designed to prevent a committee from killing a bill by holding it for too long
clear and present danger According to the _ test, language is legal if there are no threatening circumstances.
Executive Office of the President The _ is a collection of organizations that form the president's own bureaucracy.
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