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treatment for allergies? penicillin
Girolomo Fracastoro -Renaissance -named syphilis-recognized typhus and the contagious nature of TB-spoke of “the existence of invisible seeds of infection which multiply and penetrate the organism”
antibody protein that fights infection
Reservoir -where the pathogen lives-“home” of the pathogenic organism-where the pathogen can live and reproduce.
Diabetes pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin
pathogen disease-causing bacteria, virus, and fungi
T for narcolepsy adequate sleep, meds
incubation -stage of disease-occurs between when the pathogen enters the body and the first symptoms.
environment -part of the Epidemiologic Triad-all other factors that inhibit or promote disease occurrence or onset.
T for parkinson's meds, surgery, and PT
multiple sclerosis destroys protective covering (myelin sheath) of neurofibers
arthritis painful inflammation of the joints that affects tendons, ligaments, muscles
triggers of hormone release print off slide
Joseph Lister -key player in the 19th century-applied antiseptics to surgical wounds making surgery much safer
Anton van Leeuwenhoek -17th century-constructed more than 200 microscopesdescribed RBCs-first to identify bacteria, but did not connect it to disease
Triggers of asthma? smoking, perfume, stress, pollution, pollen, mold, grass, dander, physical acticity, cold air, dry air
Symptoms of allergies? itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, shortness of breath, hives, rash
angina pectoris chest pain resulting in narrowed arteries, results in a lack of O2
hyperthyroidism symptoms/cause graves symptoms: eyes bulge from swelling
swelling of the skin
difficulty sleeping
muscular weakness
more frequent bowel movements
 cause: overproduction of thyroid hormones, may be caused by tumor
caused by graves disease (antibodies bind to thyroid stimulating hormone receptors) most of the time
Pandemic -an epidemic that is widespread over a country, continent, or worldwide
congestive heart failure -caused by heart attack-heart pumps below normal-fluid accumulates in lungs
Triggers of allergies? meds, insect stings, ariborne, pollen, dust, grass, latex, peanuts
what is a mammogram used to diagnose breast cancer
adrenal insuffieciency symptoms/causes imbalances in minerals in blood
can lead to hypotension: low bp
cause: tumors or autoimmune attack resulting in destructin of all or part of the adrenal glands
when do male condoms fail? incorrect or inconsistent use
what type of lubricant with latex condom? water based
Leonardo da Vinci & Andreas Vesalius -Renaissance-produced anatomic works based on dissection of the human body that showed Galen’s mistakes and became the foundation for modern anatomy
sickle cell anemia red blood cells are sickle-shaped and receive less oxygen
name some uncontrollable risk factors family history, age, gender, race
can a male and female condom be used effectively at the same time? no
positive feedback an increase in a hormone brings about a response that increases the level of that hormone
Portal of exit -a way for a pathogen(s) to escape their host
Name some controllable risk factors diet, exercise, tobacco use, stress, weight
what is a biopsy small probe is placed in the rectum
probe gives off sounds waves that create picture of prostate on a video screen
doctor inserts a narrow needle through the wall of rectum in to the prostate gland
needle removes a piece of tissue
types of bone long bones: loner than they are wide (arms, legs, hands, feet) provide support, serve as levers
short bones: bones in the wrist an ankle, mainly spongy, covered with layer of compact, allow movement and shock absorption
flat bones: located in torso, protect and provide attachment for muscles
irregular bones: skull, pelvis, vertebrae: support weight, protect spine, movemnt, sites for muscle
sesamoid bones: short bone embedded within a tendon or joint capsule, alter angle of insertion of the muscle
definition of a hormone "A chemical substance secreted by a specialized gland into the blood which is carried to target tissues where it binds to specific receptors and exerts a biological effect."
cervical cancer: who affected? diagnosis? rare? risk factors? who? 2nd most common cancer among women
diagnosis? pap test and pelvic exam
colposcopy: vinegar in cervix
biopsy: tissue analyzed
cone biopsy: cone shaped tissue exam
endocervical curettage: similar to cerv biop
risk factors? infection with HPV, high number of sexual partners, many pregnancies, oral contraceptives, lack of pap test and exams, smoking
testicular cancer: who affected? diagnosis? rare? risk factors? relatively rare, 1% of all cancer in men
ages 20-39
risk factors: undescended testicle
congential abnormalties, personal history, family history
diagnosis: history and physical exam, ultrasound, surgery
who is affected by osteoarthritus, symptoms, causes, treatment 15% of americans have some form, more common in older adults and women
who? most common
symptoms?  pain and loss of joint movement
cause? injury and/or overuse (irritates and inflames the cartilage, causing joint pain and swelling), uncoupling at articular cartilage, possible genetic
treatment: physical activity, drug treatment, braces
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