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exposition explication
chaste virginal
fuar cold
cyan dark blue
sasisfacer to satisfy
die Zukunft future
水果 Shuǐguǒ -> Fruit
CANBY ST 34-41 15
sich beeilen to hurry
indulgent lenient, yielding to desire
Can drugs/toxins prevent neurotransmitter inactivation? yes
consummatory and instrumental consummatory behavior
plumb to measure the depth of
layers of heart epicardium, myocardium, endocardium
economical, avoiding waste and luxery frugal
Toxic goiter thyroid disorder Graves disease
skittish inconstant; capricious; frivolous; not serious;
Nomination the official endorsement of a candidate for office by a political party
epicardium consists of mesothelium and connective tissue
degree number of edges connecting a node
nesting territories where birds build their nest
British Designers Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith
lilliput an imaginary country inhabited by people about 6 in. (15 cm) tall, described in Swift's Gulliver's Travels.
futility the quality of being futile; ineffectiveness; uselessness.
sumptuary relating to laws that control personal behaviors, limiting
Doric One of two systems (or orders) invented in ancient Greece for articulating the three units of the elevation of a classical building--the platform, the colonnade, and the superstructure (entablature). The Doric order is characterized by, among other features, capitals with funnel0shaped echinuses, columns without bases, and a frieze of triglyphs and metopes.
afterload pressure that must be exceeded if ejection of blood from ventricles is to occur
these cells surround neuron cell bodies in the PNS satellite cells
Basis Point One one-hundredth of a percentage point
learn principle and apply it learning sets example
these stimuli are paired with; signal access to multiple reinforcersex: approval from your parents, money shaping
staff a group of persons, as employees, charged with carrying out the work of an establishment or executing some undertaking.
mediocre of only ordinary or moderate quality; neither good nor bad; barely adequate.
Which of the following American folk musicians legacy is associated with the Great Depression & whose songs are reflective of those troubled in the 1930s? Woody Guthrie
Minority majority when the combined minorities make up the majority
jet streams a narrow stream of high-speed wind that blows in the atmosphere of a planet, such winds occur on Earth and many other planets.
Palatine bones  L shaped bones that form the posterior portion of hard pallet.
Duration Analysis A measurement of the sensitivity of the market value of a bank’s assets and liabilities to changes in interest rates.
Possum rolls over on back and puts legs on top; animals don't like to eat dead animals; animals who attack for fun don't attack dead animalsHognose snake - do a dying process right in front of you autotomy
What does the quality of the fiber depend on? lengthstrengthfinenessmaturitycolor
carotid either of the two large arteries, one on each side of the head, that carry blood to the head and that divide into an external branch supplying the neck, face, and other external parts, and an internal branch supplying the brain, eye, and other internal pa
sheathe place into a case; insert into or provide with a sheath; Ex. He sheathed his dagger; N. sheath: case for a blade
control question test relevant questions to a problem are asked and compared to the responses to control questions and the emotional responses given in each scenario are measured (usually used for crimes)
Vascular spasm Smooth muscle of BV wall contracts and slows blood loss.
14th Amendment Those born or naturized or born in America will be subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the USA and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall deprive persons of lifel liberty, or property, without due process of the law.
dorsal horns are where the cell bodies of ___ are located and where ____ terminate interneuronsafferent neurons
rebuffs a blunt or abrupt rejection, as of a person making advances.
[German Expressionism] Paula Modersohn-Becker [1876-1907] German painter and one of the most important representatives of early expressionism. In a brief career, cut short by an embolism at the age of 31, she created a number of groundbreaking images of great intensity.
Discount Bond (Zero-Coupon Bond) A credit market instrument that is bought at a price below its face value, which is paid at maturity date; does not make any interest payments
Books in Colonial America -early colonists -- no leisure time; didn't carry books-books were status symbol; expensive and guarded-not as portable--BIG!-Cambridge press-Stamp Act-Common Sense
What types of white blood cells are there? Monocytes, lymphocytes, eosinophil, neutrophil, basophil
rapid muscle contractions (positive) or relaxations (negative) T/F: clonic is similar to myoclonic but points to an actual disease more so
what is occuring with the voltage-gated Na+ and K+ channels and the leak channels during resting state? voltage-gated Na+ and K+ channels are closed, leak channels are open maintaining resting membrane potential.
Effects of parasites on host numbers May help keep some populations below K preventing competitive exclusion and increasing species diversity; whether or not they kill the host depends upon eveolution of the parasite-host system
what is the convergence theory (or referred pain)? pain felt in uninjured part of body, but actually originates in another part of the body (most commonly sensed in skin when internal organ affected) mechanism not fully understood.
Samuel Beckett 1950 Waiting for Godot
Greeks called the director ________
meaning teacher.
Modern costume design serves _____ separate functions. 4
Henrik Ibsen 1890 A Doll's House; Hedda Gabler
This movement toward _______ led ultimately to widespread change in the philosophy of costume design that persists to this day. historical accuracy
principal types of modern theatre building are the _____ stage design and the _____ stage design. Proscenium, Thrust
: conventionally used to mask (hide) the backstage areas drapery
the effect of making both the character and the "self" of the actor especially vibrant and "in the present" for the audience. presence
Anton Chekhov 1900 Three Sisters; The Cherry Orchard; Uncle Vanya
_______ lighting can be used to evoke a mood appropriate to a play's action. atmospheric
the directorial function is one of_______ the main lines of the production
and providing the __________
necessary to realize that vision.
envisioning, artistic leadership
Five ingredients of conception text, space, people, materials, purpose
Eugene O'Neill 1925 The Hairy Ape; Desire Under the Elms
Thorton Wilder 1930's Our Town, The Skin of our Teeth
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