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ahimsa nonviolence
Sect Religous Group
Khan a Mongol ruler
panoply a protective covering.
Koran/Qur'an holy book of Islam
Roger Williams founded Rhode Island
quran the holy book of Islam
SPAB Supply Priorities and Allocation Board- -oversaw the use of scarce materials and resources vital to the war-created by FDR, ww2
Triple alliance Germany Italy Austria 1882-1914
In buddhist tradition, becoming enlightened can best be described as having attained . Nirvana
Grant 18th president, Civil War Hero, General, weak president, alcoholic
3rd Crusade - "King's Crusade"
- Frederick Barbarossa (Holy Roman Emperor)
- King Philip Augustus of France
- Richard the Lionhearted (of England)
- Initiated by Pope Gregory VIII
- Attempt at recapturing Holy Land, fail.
- Richard has initial success, realized difficulties
- Surrenders, works out deal w/ Saladin (Treaty of Ramla)
- Leads to Fourth Crusade
Osiris' wife, taught women about cloth, corn, and children Isis
Eighth Amendment The constitutional amendment that forbids cruel and unusual punishment, although it does not define this phrase. Through the Fourteenth Amendment, this Bill or rights provision applies to the states.
amendment a change in bill or law
economic system where businesses are privately owned and privately operated for a profit Capitalism
New Immigration: when citizens from italy, russia, austria, and hungary started in 1881
Bill of Rights Offered free parliamentary elections, freedom from cruel and unusual punsihment, and gave civilians the right for a fair and speedy trial
the directory 4th government. 2 house (bicameral) legislature, executive branch or council of 5 men, repealed universal manhood suffrage. uses military to maintain a moderate political system by attacking and crushing revolts of girondists and jacobin extremists
Yasser Arafat leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority
Neanderthals First hominids to show signs of rituals
Tang Dynasty Sui Emperors - Grand Canal
Scholar Officials
Caravans Companies of men that transported and traded goods along overland routes in North Africa and central Asia; consisted of 600-1000 camels and as much as 400 men.
David's son reigned from 965-928 BCE, What was his name? Soloman(p.82)
Monsoon Seasonal wind that India is famous for
Behaviorism Where you observer and treat the symptoms of behavior, by reinforcing good behavior and discouraging bad behavior.
Sulla Patrician, wasn't allowed to run for something, raised an army and took over Rome
Red Scare A wave of anticommunist, antiforeign, and antilabor hysteria that swept over America at the end of World War I. It resulted in the deportation of many alien residents and the violation of the civil liberties of many of its victims.
Menno Simons Menno Simons was an Anabapist religious leader. Simons was a contemporary of the Protestant Reformers and his followers became to be known as Mennonites. Menno Simon is especialy significant in coming to teh Anabaptist movement in the north in its most troublesome day and helping not only to sustain it, but to establish it as a viable Radical Reformation movement.
Sumptuary Laws these regulated the dress of different classes forbidding people from wearing clothes of their social superiors
Amoral Familism the family is the most important institution to souther Italians. the only people they can trust
Potsdam Conference meeting among the leaders of Allies near the end of WWII
Frontier Thinly settled area on the outer edges of the colonies
Zora Neale Hurston woman anthropologist and author who collected the folklore of poor Southern blacks
Panama Canal The United States built the Panama Canal to have a quicker passage to the Pacific from the Atlantic and vice versa. It cost $400,000,000 to build. Columbians would not let Americans build the canal, but then with the assistance of the United States a Panamanian Revolution occurred. The new ruling people allowed the United States to build the canal.
daughters of liberty a boycott of all british made goods
postmodernism a term applied to a wide-ranging set of developments in critical theory, philosophy, architecture, art, literature, and culture, which are generally characterized as either emerging from, in reaction to, or superseding, modernism
Lorenzo Valla
Said donation of Constantine was a fake made by the church in the 8th century. 
Caste system you have upward mobility, as opposed to the class system where you are born into a group
Burke and Hare provided corpses to the Edinburgh medical school
Hippocrates (460-380 BC) -stressed value of cleanliness in surgery and wound healing
 (clean bandages, sterilized tools)
- founder of operating theatres
 (well-lit area, operating table, positioning of patient)
vicotry garden: americans grew crops to conserve and expand food supply
-Détente Détente is a French term, meaning a relaxing or easing; the term has been used in international politics since the early 1970s. Generally, it may be applied to any international situation where previously hostile nations not involved in an open war "
Solid South a period of white Dems rule; lasting well into the 1950's
Yuan Dynasty a dynasty that Khubilai Khan made that lasted from 1279-1369
united Spain under one monarchy, sent Columbus to America Ferdinand and isabella
reparations When the loser of a war pays the winner
Charles Wilson Peale developed one of the first private museums in the US as a place for public education and entertainment. Lewis and Clark sent some of the less scientific items discovered on their trip to Peale to put on display
first ruler to call his lands the "Holy Roman Empire"; attacked the rich cities of Italy; had victory at the battle of Legnano Frederick I
Group of Seven - Artists connected to Tom Thomson
- The comradeship between some of Thomson’s artistic friends led to a noteworthy union after his death.
- In 1920, a group of his artistic peers banded together to exhibit their works and pursue common interests. Known as the ‘Group of Seven’, they had clear ideas about what goals Canadian artists should be pursuing, and the style of art they should try to make, and very quickly attained critical and popular success.
- The members of this group often cited Tom Thomson as an important inspiration. - These artists popularized a way of painting that has come to be widely regarded as Canada’s ‘national style’.- The Group of Seven were a group of Canadian landscape painters in the 1920s, originally consisting of Franklin Carmichael, Lawren Harris, A. Y. Jackson, Franz Johnston, Arthur Lismer, J. E. H. MacDonald, and Frederick Varley. Tom Thomson (who died in 1917) and Emily Carr were also closely associated with the Group of Seven, though neither were ever official members.
- The Group of Seven is most famous for its paintings of the Canadian landscape. It was succeeded by the Canadian Group of Painters in the 1930s.- The Group of Seven was strongly influenced by European Impressionism of the late nineteenth century in the Montmartre district of Paris
Amos 'n' Andy Show (1928) first truly national radio hit
berlin wall a guarded concrete wall, 28 mi. (45 km), with minefields and controlled checkpoints, erected across Berlin by East Germany in 1961 and dismantled in 1989.
John Mitchel Whp was the leader of the coal miners strike in 1902
2nd Continental Congress 1775 -Olive Branch Petition 1775= call for peace by John Dickinson, -Declaration of the Causes & Necessities of Taking Up Arms 1775= have the right to fight Britain for what they did to them. King chooses 2nd petition
Miguel de Ceruantes who was the formost Soanish writer of the late Renaissance?
What happened in the Election of 1916? Republican: Charles Hughes.Democrat: Woodrow Wilson. "He kept us out of war"
Heliocentric Theory Theory that the sun is the center of universe.
Declaration of the Rights of Women written by Olympe de Gouges
forceful and angry
compares gender oppression to slavery
same principles as the one written by the National Assembly
Social Security Act (1935) Designed to be both a relief measure and an act of reform. Helped the unemployed, whether they were old, young, single, or mothers with children. All workers shared the burden of payment.
Cause of the Great Depression Installment Buying - buying on credit was new idea that perfectly fit the self-indulgent product mania and insidious consumption of the times. People went into debt and could not make their payments causing businesses to lose money.
What images in teh cartoon depict JAckson as too powerful a ruler? crown, sword in hand, royal robe
Revivalism - George Whitfield jonathan Edwards a puritan who was very fiery/ saying youre going to hell and shit like that constantly telling you have to get right with the lord! Wore out his welcome when he started pointing fingers at the wrong people
They were building a powerful navy to fight colonies (such as Britain) overseas What was Germany doing that caused Britain, especially, to see it as a potential rival?
The fall of Jerusalem to Saladin led to this war. Emperor Frederick of the Holy Roman Empire, Richard I “The Loin-Heart” of England, King Philip II of France gathered their armies to fight Saladin. The 3rd Crusade = The crusade of kings
Buddhaism 500
Kerner Report ?
Natives in Australia Aborigines
justianian made the justiniantic code
1968 Democratic National Convention
Jack Kerouac wrote "On the Road"
patrician a member of the aristocracy
the captial of Rhode Island Providence
the first Americans, Indians, migrated to north America from_____12000 to 40000 years ago Asia
Bicameral an adjective describing a legislative body composed of two chambers
Samuel F. B. Morse morse code, telegraph
Columbus Italian navigator who discovered the New World in the service of Spain while looking for a route to China
five-year plans Stalin's plans to hasten industrialization of USSR; constructed massive factories in metallurgy, mining and electric power; chose guns over butter
upperclass women - -the status of women declined -they were declined of political of legal activity -received less and less power
Republicanism government in which the people rule
caravel a small ship developed with triangular sails for taching into the wind and square sails for running before the wind.
censorship the act of examining published material for the purpose of suppressing parts deemed objectionable on moral, political or military grounds
Republicans Rivals of the Federalists who believed in a smaller government based on state rights. Their rivalry sparked tensions with Federalists, creating a political party system.
Reverend Thomas Hooker founded colony of Hartford (Connecticut) when he led a large group of Boston Puritans, who were unhappy with Massachusetts authorities, into the Connecticut River Valley.
Muckrakers journalists who exposed people to the unfortunate, hoping for reform
This important building on the hill Acropolis was built during the Golden age of Pericles. Parthenon
realism drew a picture of simple, ordinary life
New Nationalism Teddy Roosevelt says the following:-He wants national initiative, recall, and referendum.-No more child labor-Women’s suffrage-Limits on injunctions.-Supports creation on social insurance-Scientific setting of tariff-Recommends referendum on court rulings-Repeats what court says in Munn, if public interest is involved then government has right to regulate.Rippoff of Populist Platform.
William Jennings did not support the coinage of silver T/F False
What did Adolf Hitler consider the driving force of history? race
What did Mussolini do to Ethiopia? Invaded it.
Oliver Cromwell

Lead the Puritans during the Puritan Revolution
Dies in 1658
Body dug up, was then hung and beheaded
unwritten constitution customs and traditions that influence governmental procedures and practices but are nto part of the formal constitution
dharma essential quality or character, as of the cosmos or one's own nature.
Articles of Confederation this document, the nations first constitution, was adopted by the second continental congress in 1781during the revolution. the document was limited because states held most of the power, and congress lacked the power to tax, regulate trade, or control coinage. America's first Constitution.
CAFTA signed by US and 6 Central American countries, eventually 34 modeled after NAFTA
trade industry booming
Phillip II Father of Alexander the Great, wanted to control all of Greece
The explorer ___ claimed much of present-day eastern Canada for France. Jacques Cartier
New Deal An avalanche of legislation from 1933 to 1938 intended to promote economic recovery, reform American capitalism, and offer security to ordinary Americans. FDR!!!!!
second continental congress They organized the continental Army, called on the colonies to send troops, selected George Washington to lead the army, and appointed the comittee to draft the Declaration of Independence
William Lloyd Garrison Wrote The Liberator the first anti-slavery newspaper
A key factor in the US determination to remain neutral in 1939 was  WWI
Homestead To settle land, such as territory in the west.
What US passenger ship did Germany sink? The Lucitania
This idea says that the government should not interfere with businesses-the two natural laws should govern laissez faire
implied powers powers not specifically granted in a constitution but which can be justified as necessary if the government is to carry out its duties
abigail and john adams women and the american revolution
yangtze river in the south, much rain, warm, rice cultivated
Sand Creek Massacre Rapid Spread of mining towns in COLORADO brought tensions with CHEYENNE and ARAPAHO tribes. After many skirmishes, CHEYENNE tribe tried to negotiate peace but were attacked and slaughtered by US troops. (No charges ever brought to US troops)
Gread Schism Split in the church because of 2 popes
free soil party party formed by members of the conscience whigs and antislavery democrats to make this party that opposed slavery in the land of western territories
Party Identification the sense of belonging to one or another political party
Cuban Missle Crisis ~America learned that the Soviets had secretly planted long-range missles in Cuba and this posed a huge threat for the US because of how close Cuba was to Florida
~Kennedy ordered a naval blockade to stop the Soviets for delivering more missles, demanded that they dismantle existing missle sites, and warned that if any missles were launched against the US that the US would go fully against the Soviets.
~US promised not to invade Cuba and to privatly remove the missles out of Turkey, and the Soviets agreed to remove their missles from cuba 

Nan Bagby Stephens 
wrote the negro social drama Roseanne in 1923
Sandro Botticelli lived 1445 to 1510 had no followers. painted people with way long arms and necks because thought they were beautiful. painted the birth of venus.
Ku Klux Klan Worked to keep African Americans and white Republican out of officeUsed violence, secret society, white supremacy
Romans persecution of christians christians didn't pay respect to roman gods
Otto I son of Henry the Fowler. one of the strongest German kings. defeated Magyars
The Road to Revolution -British war debt growing empire= growing British debtgrowing debt= resentment to the colonies William pitt was out and grenville came in- He wanted to balance the british budget, he thought the colonies where the answer.
a person who leaves one country or region to live in another What are emigrants?
During the mid-1930's, which characteristic was common to Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Communist Russia? ONE-PARTY SYSTEM THAT DENIED BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.
civil rights movement began in the 1950's by blacks to gain greater equality in American society
What were the merchants and artisans of these cities called? Burghers meaning a walled enclosure
Members of the Liberty League charged that the Roosevelt administration had: undermined the free enterprise system
5 Pillars of Islam Pillar 1 - faith; Pillar 2 -Pray 5 times a day; Pillar 3 - Alms giving or charity; Pillar 4 - Fasting during Ramadan; Pillar 5 - Pilgrimage to Mecca once in a lifetime
During what battle was te temple demolished? Between the Zealots and the Romans
How did Calvin Coolidge first become president? Warren Harding (president) died of a heart attack and Coolidge (vice president) regained the public's trust in government then later ran for office
Where was balloon frame construction first used in the United States? It was first used in Chicago to build homes quickly
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