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Define "sentiment" feeling
Mycenaeans The "war mad greeks"
Republican Party 1854
	-Coalition of Abolitionist and reformers, Free Soilers, Liberty Partiers, old Whigs
	-In response to Sectional Politics
	-Represented the new majority in the nation
	-Because of final collapse of the Whigs, and power of anti-slavery sentiment

wingana Cheif of the roanoke tribe
Routed Driving away and destroying homes.
scholar-officials elite, educated members of the government. They receive good salary and were respected
NAFTA the North American Free Trade Agreement which took effect Jan. 1st, 1994, creating a free-trade area between the US, Canada, and Mexico; provides for the tariff-free movement of goods and products, financial services, telecommunications, investment, and patent protection within and between the signatories
Ralph Lane military leader of roanoke island
serf person bound to a manner (p.33)
19th Amendment women being allowed to vote
Who was the Russo-Turkish War disastrous to? Turks
Hinduism practiced by most people in India today. its origins are difficult to trace because it has no founder. It is influenced by the cultures and traditions of many people
dynasty a series of rulers from one family
Draco ruler who codified Athenian law; his laws were very harsh; harsh laws today are known as Draconian laws
Sir Arthur Evans Archaeologist, discovered the palace of Knossos.
department that handles relations with other nations state department
headright system in which settlers were granted land in exchange for settling in Viginia (p.64)
guerilla warfare a hit-and-run technique used in fighting a war; fighting by small bands of warriors using tactics such as sudden ambushes
impeach to formally charge a public official with misconduct in office
what gave african americans full citizenship 14th amendment
Capitalism An economic system where profit is made by investing money in business ventures. The Factors of Production are the individuals and the role of the government is that they do not interfere.
During Russo-Turkish War, which massacre prompted a Russian denouncement of Turkish actions and eventual declaration of war? Massacre at Batak
civil service candidates for government jobs had to pass an exam in the Confucian classics.
Angkor Wat Hindu temple complex built by the Khmer rulers of Camboya
Golden Age of Athens Pericles reign; democratic government; peak of power and wealth
Paleolithic Age the period of human history when humans used simple stone tools
Jim Crow Laws laws legalizing racial segregation of blacks and whites that were enacted in Southern states beginning in the 1880s and enforced through the 1950s
nullification theory that states have the right to declare a federal law invakid
the songs in which enslaved people of the south exspressed their religious beliefs or passed coded messages were called spirituals
34. What gave African Americans full citizenship Fourteenth Amendment
Georges Clemenceau The French Prime Minister whose role in shaping the Treaty of Versailles consisted of protecting France and punishing Germany. He suggested that they reduce the German army to 100,000. He made Germany give land to France and Poland. He blamed Germany for the war and imposed a “War Guilt” clause and reparations on them. He made Germany loose ALL of its colonies and give it to different nations.
Which ruler of Iran was almost blind? Muhammed Khudabanda
V-J Day When Japan surrenders to the US after the atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
division of labor The economic arrangement in which each worker specializes in a particular task or job
Acropolis a high hill in the center of the original city-state; this hill offered a perfect setting for special artistic creations; temples and other public buildings were on the acropolis
stratigraphy the study of the layers of earth laid down in time by man or nature; on layer is called a stratum
committee of correspondence committee organized in each colony to communicate with and unify the colonies
Ram Mohun Roy the founder of Hindu College in Calcutta and reformist.He believed that India could learn from the west.
Roaring Twenties is a phrase used to describe the 1920s, principally in North America, that emphasizes the period's social, artistic, and cultural dynamism. 'Normalcy' returned to politics in the wake of World War I, jazz music blossomed, the flapper redefined modern womanhood, Art Deco peaked, and finally the Wall Street Crash of 1929 served to punctuate the end of the era, as The Great Depression set in
Although Hoover generally is considered to have done "too little, too late" in regards to saving the U.S. economy, he's still responsible for … Creating the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, which lent money to struggling banks and businesses.
Which Battle did Salim beat Shah Ishmail? Battle of Chaldiran
In Battle of Chaldrin, Ottomans used what type of warfare and Savivids used what type of warfare? Muskets&artillery vs calvary
Hard Hat Riot occurred on May 8, 1970, near the intersection of Wall Street and Broad Street and at New York City Hall. The riot started about noon when about 200 construction workers mobilized by the New York State AFL-CIO attacked about 1,000 high school and college students and others protesting the Kent State shootings, the American invasion of Cambodia and the Vietnam War. The riot lasted little more than two hours, and ended of its own accord. More than 70 people were injured, including four policemen. Six people were arrested
What happened with John Calvin in 1541? The Protestants of French-speaking Geneva, Switzerland asked Calvin to lead their community.
which two groups make up the congress of the united states house and senate
During WWII, what group of people were put into camps for the entirety of the war? Japanese and Japanese-Americans
What is the name of the palace where Ottoman rulers lived? Topkapi Palace
What impact did RADICAL REPUBLICAN RECONSTRUCTION PLAN have on the South? Abolished state governments under Pres. Johnson's rule. Divided South into 5 districts. Federal troops in each district; Wanted to prevent Confederate leaders from returning to power; Wanted Republicans in power; Help Afro-Americans to gain equality (voti
precedents set from washington's farewell address 1. 2 term maximum2. neutrality in foreign affairs
9.) What was the name for the journey made by the Cherokee after they were removed from their lands by force  trail of tears
Allies (Grand Alliance) During WWII U.S., U.K., and the USSR during WWII
Reasons for dropping the atomic bomb? 1. saved american and japanese lives, 2. show power to USSR, 3. japanese treated our soldiers in a cruel manner, so they deserved it.
HOW RAILROADS CHANGED THE WEST! people in the east were looking for new land for farming
What caused the Korean War? North Korea started it by invading the South.
What role did MUCKRAKERS play during the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT? The muckrakers exposed the problems that urbanization and industrialization had caused such as disease, overcrowding, sanitation, bad working conditions, unsanitary working conditions in factories, homelessness, overcrowding
Who was Celsius and what did he do? A Swedish astronomer who created another mercury thermometer showing freezing at 0 degrees and boiling at 100 degrees.
How did Californians feel about the Dust Bowl refugees? They tried to discourage them. California already had a huge unemployed population.
What advantage did the Panama Canal provide to trade and shipping? To connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It would save time and money for both commercial and military shipping.
12.) Why did Hamilton want to place tariffs (taxes) on foreign goods?  to ensure a steady flow of income
 to encourage the growth of american industry
 to encourage americans to buy american goods
 ALL Of Them Abovee
In the late 1800s/early 1900s, what cities did many immigrants have to go before being allowed in? Ellis Island on the East Coast, and Angel Island on the West Coast
What did Ptolemy believe about the Earth? He beleived it was the center of the universe (geocentric theory).
What two events brought the U.S. into World War I? The sinking of the Lusitania by German submarines and the Zimmerman note, in which the GErmans promised to help Mexico if it attacked the United States.
What was the result of the Spanish - American War? Spain was driven out of Cuba (which was free, but had to let us have a military base there) and they gave us the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico
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