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Terms Definitions
pan all
caliente hot
diaphor/o sweat
bi-,di- two, double
e out from
la crema creme
el abulón abalone
-physis to grow
para- beside, alongside, abnormal
Scottish Reformer John Knox
amnesia loss of memory
xanthoderma yellowness of the skin
personality disorder lifelong personality patterns
what is diminishing(neural) sensitivity to an unchanging stimulus. sensory adaptation
epidermis the outer, nonvascular, nonsensitive layer of the skin, covering the true skin or corium.
zemstvos system of provincial and country councils in which the nobility had a greater role in local administration. THey were in charge of local affairs but were never funded properly
Ethical standards established by a profession are administered by a _____ review. Peer
positive reinforcement increasing behaviors by presenting positive stimuli, such as food. A positive reinforcer is any stimulus that, when presented after a response, strengthens the response
Shock caused by an infection? Septic Shock
habitat the natural environment of an organism; place that is natural for the life and growth of an organism:
Anti-Trinitarians A group of radical Protestants that were exponents of a common sense, rational and ethical religion. Chief among this group were Michael Servetus and Lelio and Faustus Sozzini. These thinkers were the strongest opponents of Calvinism, especially its belief in original sin and predestination and have deserved reputations of defenders of religious tolerance.
Piedmont most independent state on the italien peninsula after the unification of Italy
Utilitarianism This was the theory associated with Jeremy Bentham that the principle of utility, defined as the greatest good for the greatest number of people, should be applied to government, the economy, and the judicial system.
identify a secondary sex characteristic? breast,hips, body hairs..etc.
comedo the typical small skin lesions of acne vulgaris & seborrheic dermatitis
Injury in an enclosed space
singed nasal hair
cabonaceous sputum
brassy or sooty cough
hoarsness or stridor?
Inhalation injury
Information found on a package insert DescriptionClinical pharmacologyIndications and usageContraindicationsWarningsPrecautionsOverdosage
processing speed rate we encode info. into long-term memory or recall or retrieve info. from long-term memory
Gallican Liberties These were the traditional rights of the French king and church against the pope in matters of ecclesiastical appointments and taxation.
William I Brother of Fredrick William IV who became prussian king. William's ministers pushed him for a stronger army, but other, liberal, ministers were against it creating a dead lock
Potato This, along with maize, were the only significant nutritional gains achieved through Eastern Europe's agricultural system.
_______ tort is the primary cause of malpractice suits. Negligent
the rate at which impulses travel up the auditory nerve mathces the frequency of the tone heard=?theory frequency
It is important to avoid in burn pts? Hypothermia
What are antivirals? A way to treat anti-infective viruses
bite to cut, wound, or tear with the teeth:
Sun King This was the title that Louis XIV designated himself as, the god Apollo.
Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle After the Congress of Vienna, the first Congress was held at Aix-la-Chapelle in 1818.
Principles of Political Economy In his Principles of Political Economy, David Ricardo stated his belief on wages and workers. He also transformed the concepts of Malthus into the "iron law of wages".
ABO System The ABO blood group consistes of only 2 antigens named A & BPeople with blood type A carry A antigensB type B antigensO carry no antigens (universal donors)
Don't be taking lots of blood labs on a pt that is? Hypovolemic
emulate to try to equal or excel; imitate with effort to equal or surpass:
Etienne Charles Lomenie de Brienne Louis XVI dismissed Calonne and replaced him with Etienne, archbishop of Toulouse and chief opponent of Calonne.
Louis Napoleon Bonaparte He was nephew of Napoleon who was victor in the presidential election.
most effective drug against positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia? clozipine (1st gen atypical phentothiazines)
St. Teresa of Avida She was a Spanish mystic who helped popularize the mystical piety of medieval monasticism.
With this group of people, Calvin matured in his skills as a shepherd the French speaking Protestant refuges he shephereded in Strassburg.
Effective market research involves 5 steps: 1) defining the problem and research objectives, 2) developing the information sources, 3) collecting the information, 4) analyzing the information and 5) presenting the findings.
When Calvin returned to Geneva the second time he stayed for 23 years until his death in 1564
You are dispatched to a call for a 4 month old infant with respiratory distress. While you prepare to take care of this child, you must remember that: Small infants are nose breathers and require clear nasal passages at all times
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