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What were animals and plants often themes for? They were themes of Religion, Jewelery, sculptures, and wall paintings.
Marsh, farmlands and desert were home to a wide variety of what? Plants and Wildlife.
What was Papyrus (a versatile plant) used to make? Paper, Sandals, Boats, Ropes, and Paintbrushes.
What are the two types of Lotus? (Waterlilies) The White (Nymphaea lotos) and the Blue (Nymphaea cerulean)
Why were waterlilies symbols of the sun and the creation from the waters of Nun? Because waterlilies close at night and sink below the water only to rise again with the dawn.
Why would Hippos come ashore in herds? To graze on the marsh vegetation and to sometimes devastate a farmers crop.
Hippopatamus is a Greek word meaning what? "Horse of the River" or "River Horse"
Tomp paintings show Hippo Hunts with what? Harpoons and Ropes
What was a dreaded job done at the rivers edge? Laundry
Washing dirty laundry in the Nile mad the god dirty, so those who defiled the god were considered ritually what? Ritually Unclean
Croodiles would stay submerged near the edge of the river to do what to those trying to wash clothing in the water? Eat them
It was traditional for people to do what when they went across the river? Why? They would chant spells so they might make it across without being eaten.
What god were crocodiles honored as? The god Sobek.
Crocodiles were often mummified in honor of which god? Faiyum
Human mummies have been examined whose missing limbs appear to have been what by crocodiles? Bitten off by Crocodiles
What was a sacred animal associated with the god Wedjat? The Cobra
The Cobra was a symbol for what two things? All of Lower Egypt and also of the Pharoah
What two animals were a favored food for wealthy Egyptians? Geese and pintail Duck
Although the Nile was teeming with fish, why did the wealthy not want to eat them? Because the fish in the Nile were considered Ritually Unclean and unfit for offering to the king and the temples or as meals for the dead.
What animals were the east and west of Nile River home to? Vultures, falcons, jackals, wild dogs, lions, gazelles, antelopes.
A large bird similar to the griffon vulture appears in most Egyptian Art and as representative of which goddess? Nekhbet, the goddess of Upper Egypt
Which animal is guardian to the Egyptian afterlife? Anubis
What pyramid/statue was formed in the shape of a lion? The Sphinx
They used lion metaphors for the Sphinx to describe who? Their Pharoahs.
What was seen as belonging to Set? The antelope.
What was associated with the cataracts of the Nile and sacred Satis, Lady of Elphantine, and to Anukis, wife of Khnum and mother of Satis? The Gazelle.
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