Complete List of Terms and Definitions for OT People and Places

Terms Definitions
Gleaning provision for the poor where they could gather the leftovers
Ai city of defeat due to Achan's sin, later was captured.
Jericho home of Rahab, miraculous story of Israelite victory by Joshua
Laban Father of Rachel and Leah, brother of Rebekah, bargained with Jacob
Peniel Jacob named the place "Peniel' for he had seen God face to face, where he wrestled.
Sisera captain of the army of Jabin who was killed by Jael with a tent peg
Jesse father of 8 sons, including David
Marah where bitter water became sweetened
Abiathar later supported Adonijah instead of Solomon
Jael killed Sisera with the tent peg
Orpah Naomi's other daughter in law
Jabesh-gilead Where Nahash beseiged, then gave Saul the opportunity to defeat him. after this victory the Israelites chose Saul as their king.
Haran land where Abraham and Sara settled after leaving Ur. land of Laban.
Goliath champion of Philistines killed by David
Potiphar Captain of the guard of Pharaoh - His wife accused Joseph of violating her after he refused her.
Philistines Sea People - Goliath-carried away the ark -false God Dagon -metal working
Cain gave fruit offering, killed Abel, punished as a wanderer, protected by God,
Bethlehem land of Elimelech
mercy seat lid for ark with cherubim facing each other
Necho Egyptian pharoah who killed Josiah
jonathan son of Saul who loved David and helped him survive his father's anger
Jeroboam first king of Israel, wanted independence from Israel, set up centers in Dan and Bethel, chose his own priests
Mt. Tabor place of victory of Balak over Jabin
Levi Son of Leah, descendants were priests
Agag King that Saul spared in disobedience, Samuel killed him, Saul was rebuked and lost his kingship
Rahab harlot who helped the spies Joshua sent into Jericho, her life was saved when Jericho tumbled
Rehoboam son of solomon, last king of monarchy, his stupidity caused the kingdom to split
Ebenezer stone of help - a memorial "The Lord has helped us"
Nabal Abigail's husband who angered David, he became a stone and died
Huldah prophetess who affirmed the scroll found of Deut. in time of Josiah
Levite and his concubine story: worthless fellows of Gibeah of Benjamim raped and abused the concubine. The levite cut her up in 12 pieces and sent her parts to the 12 tribes as a call to action. Reason for the Benjamite War
Deborah Judge, who dwelt under a palm tree - helped deliver Israel from Jabin. Balak was the leader of the Israelite army who defeated them at Mt. Tabor- song of praise in Judges 5
Micaiah ben imlah prophesied against Ahab
Ziklag town where David stayed, given to him by Achish, in refuge from Saul
Jerusalem Joshua captured it, but did not drive all the Jebusites out, later completely captured by David
Elisha prophet after Elijah, assisted in victory against Moab by giving water- widow's oil, emphasizing healing of people
Melchizedek High priest that Abraham gave tithes to, king of Jerusalem, type of Christ
teraphim fertility idols
Tamar David's daughter, who was raped by Amnon
Hesed lovingkindness - covenant loyalty-seen in the characters of Ruth
Elkanah husand of Hannah
Basic description of the tabernacle holy of holies, holy place, brazen altar, laver, lampstand, shewbread.
Manasseh worst king of Judah
Midian land where Moses fled to after kiling the Egyptian, land of Jethro
levirate marriage nearest relative marries the widow and continues the famiy of his deceased brother
Jezebel married Ahab, princess of Sidon, emphasized Baal worship, considered evil
Jephthah's daughter she was given as a burnt offering due to his rash vow
ephod garment worn by high priest
table of shewbread made of acacia wood overlay with pure gold, bread of presence for continual offering, and bread for priests.
Abel Killed by his brother Cain, fat offering was pleasing to God, replaced by Seth
metal working a stregth of the philistines, Israelites were dependent on them for weapons
Moab land where Ruth is from
Dagon philistine god who bowed and broke in pieces to the Ark
Rachel Jacob's wife, mother of Joseph and Benjamin, Laban's daughter, stole idols
Jabin King of Hazor, organized army of the northern kings against Israel. Joshua defeated them by the waters of Merom. Sisera was his captain
Beersheba place of oath betweem Abraham and Abimelech
Lot Abraham's nephew, who was rescued from Sodom and Gomorrah, his wife turned to salt
Samaria capital of North kingdom
Nathan prophet who helped secure the kingdom for Solomon
Michal Saul's daugther, for whom Saul gave to David for dowry of 100 philistine kings hoping David would die trying. She helped David escape later from Saul.
Gibeonites deceptively made an alliance with Israel saying they had come from a far away land. Joshua cursed them to be slaves
Decalogue 10 commandments
Miriam sister of Moses, rebelled against Moses and was stricken with leprosy, wrote a beautiful song.
Mt. Gerizim mount that stood for blessing, also future temple site of Samaritans
Abner Saul's commander
Gideon destroys altar of Baal- sign of the fleece miracle from God- defeats Midianites with only 300 men chosen by how they lap water- with trumpets and torches resulted in complete rout
Hannah mother of Samuel, whom while in prayer Eli thought was drunk, Hannah's song.
Saul first king of Israel, anointed by Samuel, 'wasted potential', only partial obedience to God, obsessed with killing David
Joab David's commander, killed absalom
Korah levite who led a rebellion against Moses and was killed - the earth swallowed him
Goshen land where Israel settled in Egypt
Joshua one of the twelve spies sent from kadesh barnea - he survived the 40 years of wandering
Achan sin of taking garment, gold, and silver from previous battle to resulted in loss at AI, and death to him and his family by stoning
River Jabbok where Jacob wrestled with an angel, God
Elijah prophet who phophesied to northern tribes, told of Ahab's death. Killed Baal priests
Shem Son of Noah- Jews are his descendants -'Semitic'
Adam "Earth" "Man" possibly "Red"
cities of refuge those guilty of accidental homicide seek protection from avenger until trial
date of exodus 1446 BC. early1225 BC. lateDr. Curtis believes early date
Ararat place where Ark settled
Uriah husband of Bathsheba, and loyal to David, who David sent to be killed in the front lines after his adultery with her.
caleb a faithful spy along with Joshua
Micah man of ephraim - stole 1100 shekels, confessed, mother dedicated money to make an idol - Micah hired the levite so that he would prosper-chased the Danites who stole the idol and took the priest with them on their way- they threated Micah's life, and he returned home.
Eve 'lifegiver'
Amnon son of David, who raped Tamar, 2 years later killed by Absalom.
nahash Ammonite - dumb general who wanted to gouge out the right eye of Saul's army, but gave him 7 days to think about it, and Saul defeated him.
Babel 'to confuse' - tower where God confused the language of the whole earth
Judah sin with Tamar, his land becomes a Kingdom, saved Joseph from death
Ishbosheth, isbaal youngest son of Saul, crowned king of northern tribes
Jephthah deliverer that dealt with the Ammonites and Ephraimites - that made a rash vow that resulted in his own daughter being a burnt offering to God - - death to those mispronouncing Shibboleth as Sibboleth
Jerubbaal - another name for Gideon, given to him because he destroyed the altar of Baal
Leah Jacob's wife, Laban's daughter given to him in marrige first before Rachel. 6 sons.
Bathsheba wife of Uriah who David had adultery with, and later married, mother of Solomon
kiriah-jearim where ark was returned to after getting it back from philistines, it was originally in Shiloh
Pithom storage city
Nebuchadnezzar Babylonian king. Neb II defeated Egypt at battle of carchemish in 605 BC to establish Babylonian rule
Sea of Reeds Red Sea, where Israel crossed the water.
Ham Son of Noah - cursed by his son Canaan.
Doeg The Edomite, who at Nob, carried out the killing of the priests, an order the soldiers wouldn't even do
Balaam heathen diviner, prophesied against Israel for money, but didn't work out, had talking donkey.
Abigail Naba;'s wife, who acted on her husband's behalf so David wouldnt kill him, became David's wife
Machpelah land where Abraham and Sara were buried, along with Isaac, Rebekah, Leah, Jacob
Mt. Nebo where Moses saw the Promised land
Shinar land of the tower of Babel
altar altar in tabernacle, fire was never to go out, hollow square, 5 x 3 cubits
Nob where David appealed to Ahimelech for bread, and the priests helped him, who were later killed by Doeg and Saul
urim and thummin objects on the ephod that helped determine God's will
Ur city in Mesopotamia where Abraham was born
Ahaz Bad King of Judah, during time of Isaiah
Araunuh, or Ornan the temple was constructed on his threshing floor
Passover event - 10th plague where the Spirit passed over those doors with blood to spare them the death of their first born.important festival commemmorating this event: deliverance from bondage of Egypt
Horeb Another name for Mt. Sinai, or mountain range there.
Achish philistine king who hired David in refuge from Saul, where David acted insanely, gave David the town of Ziklag
Hagar mother of Ishmael by Abraham, maid of Sara,
Naomi mother in law to Ruth and Orpah -wanted to be called "Mara" meaning bitter
Shiloh the place the ark came from to use in battle against the Philistines
Hiram helped build the temple
Obed child to Boaz and Ruth, grandfather to David
Elimelech man from Bethlehem, husband of Naomi
Zedekiah last king of Judah, son of Joshiah, helped save Jeremiah on several occasions. broke allegiance with Nebuchadnezzar,was taken to Babylon and killed
Aaron spokesman for Moses in confrontations with Pharaoh, brother of Moses, responsible for the golden calf.
Rebekah sister of Laban, wife of Isaac, mother to Jacob and Esau, sent Jacob to Laban in Haran
Zadok high priest loyal to David, anointed Solomon King
Ruth Moabite woman, daugther in law to Naomi, loyalty and Hesed, married Boaz, gleaner
Benjamin youngest son of Jacob, son of Rachel, important in Joseph story, descendant :Saul
Samson Nararite Judge- killed 1000 Philistines with a Jawbone- falls to enemy thanks to Delilah and her plot to steal his strength by cutting his hair.- he brought down pillars and killed himself and 3000 philistines
Jeremiah prophesied during Josiah time
kadesh barnea camp of Israelites- from here Moses sent spies and the people rebelled - sentenced to complete 40 years of wandering
contents of ark Testimony (Law), golden jar of manna, aaron's rod
Negeb land south of Judea - land of kadesh-barnea and beersheba
Golden mice and tumors the plague received by the Philistines for stealing the ark
Josiah during time of Jeremiah- found scroll of Deut.- Good king
kinsman redeember - go'el Boaz, who redeems Ruth, by being kinsman, graciously provides for her.
Ramses storage city built by Israelites in slavery
Mt. Ebal mount that stood for cursing
Festivals - 3 most important Passover, Pentecost, BoothsYom Kippur came in Lev.
bronze serpent fiery serpents sent as punishment by God, many died, but those who looked upon the serpent image Moses had built were healed.
rephidim where Moses stuck the rock and water flowed, place where he sinned and resulted in not seeing the promise land.
manna lit. "what is it? or what?"- miraculous food provision
baal-peor Fertility God of canaan. Baal worship and judment of a plague. Phinehas the priest stopped the plague by killing the guilty man, Zimri, and woman, Cozbi. Num. 25
barak led Israel by Deborah to victory over Jabin and Sisera
Japheth son of Noah
Kish father of Saul, a Benjaminite
Hezekiah good king during time of Isaiah