Complete List of Terms and Definitions for Semi-final new testament

Terms Definitions
Colossians Theme: Christ as HeadWritten by Paul and TimothyWrote to warn about false teachers that would create false rules about eating, drinking, and religious festivals. Show the superiority of Christ over man. Focus on heavenly things-- not earthly. Leave sinful lives behind, look to Christ as head.
1 Timothy Theme: Godly AdministrationWritten by Paul (to Timothy)wrote to advise Timothy about church leadership, proper worship, qualifications for elders and deacons, advise on how to confront false teachings and how to treat one another in the congregation.
Romans Theme: Rightesouness from GodWritten by Paulwritten to present basic system of salvation. Explain relationship of Jew and Gentile in God's overall plan of redemption. Prepare them for his arrival
Acts 15 Jewish CouncelMen came from Judea to discuss circumcision. Paul and Barnabus went to dispute. Jerusalem accepted them. Phisees became angry "circumcision necessary." Peter argued law of moses no longer existed. God knows your heart
2 Timothy Theme: Edurance of ministryWritten by Paul (to Timothy)Wrote to direct Timothy to endure with boldness and faithfulness while dealing with false teaching. Paul explains that older believers should want to pass on knowledge of scripture to younger people.
Titus (and his relationship with Paul) Helped to collect the offeringNot referred to in Acts, but 13 times elsewhere in NTConvert of PaulMissionary with PaulWith Paul early after Paul's conversion
Ephesians Theme: Body of ChristWritten by PaulWrote to explain what christians should believe. Tells church to cover themselves in God's armor and stand against evil.
How does everyone die? Peter (inner circle)- Crucified upside downPaul- BeheadedJohn the Baptist (cousin of Christ)- Beheaded by HerodJames (The half brother of Christ, wrote James)- StonedJames (One of the inner circle, Brother of John)- BeheadedJohn (author of 1, 2, 3 John, John, Revelation. Inner circle)- Died of old age (after being exiled).Stephen- Stoned
Prison Epistles EphesiansColossiansPhillipiansPhilemon
The Painful Letter Delivered by TitusWritten out of great distress/anguish/tearsSeverely came down on churchFelt anguish and regret
Books Timothy Co-sent 1 Thessalonians2 Thessalonians2 CorinthiansColossiansPhillipiansPhilemon
Gospels with Geneologies and possible reasons why the geneologies are there Matthew and LukeShowing proof Jesus was fulfilling prophesy and all things the messiah was supposed to be.Supposed to have been descended from David
Inner circle Peter- Crucified upside downJames (the brother of John)-- beheaded.. first apostle to be martyredJohn (the brother of James) -- exiled, died of old age
Timothy (him and his relationship with Paul) Greek Father, Jewish MotherTaught the Old Testament from a childDisciple of PaulMissionary with PaulWith Paul during his 1st imprisonmentPaul and Timothy were close. Paul called Tim his son
How do Paul's books fit into books of Acts? 3 seperate missionary journeys.The corresponding chapters in Acts reflect the message that was in each book written at that time.
Order of the letters Previous letter1 CorinthiansPainful letter2 Corinthians
John Theme: Christ as GodWritten by JohnWritten to the whole worldJesus was God-- Theological perspective
Matthew Theme: Christ as KingWritten by MatthewWritten to the JewsThe Jews were looking for a perfect king, a messiah
2 Thessalonians Theme: End Timeswritten by Paul and TimothyTo praise the church, punishment will come to their persecutors. Wanted to correct them of the false letter that they had missed the rapture
The Previous letter Paul seems to be responding to questions about church discipline and Paul assumed these questions as context of his response.
1 Corinthians Theme: Correcting and Collecting in the churchWritten by PaulTo rebuke church about being divided over issues like spiritual gifts, the resurrection, marriage, and if it was okay to eat the food offered to idols. He wanted them to be unified as the body of Christ. Offerring taken before hand to give to poor
Hebrews Theme: Christ as High Priest, Christ is better than...Author: Unknown--could be Paul, Barnabus, Apollus, or LukeMost likely written by Paul
1 Corinthians (the second letter) written to correct the church and explain that offering should be taken in advance. Paul needed to collect the offering to bring it to a church that was struggling with money.
Mark Theme: Christ as ServantWritten by MarkWritten to the RomansMost people in Rome were slaves-- it appealed to them
Luke Theme: Christ as Perfect ManWritten by LukeWritten to the GreeksLuke was a doctor.. Greeks were obsessed with the human body
Differences between Galations and James Galations: Only faith can save you (this was before Acts 15)James: Faith without works is dead. Also written before Acts
2 Corinthians Theme: Paul defending his authorityWritten by Paul and TimothyWrites to defend his authority. Many thought his suffering meant he wasn't a true apostle. He counters this by saying his suffering shows his dependence on Christ and shows Christ's strength
James Theme: Faith without works is deadWritten by James
1 Thessalonians Theme: End timeswritten by Paul and Timothywrote to encourage to stay strong in faith, live in Godly way, good things will come. At the time, things were not good at church of Thessalonica because of persecution. Paul was trying to get them to focus on end times.
Acts Theme: Founding of the churchWritten by Luke
Titus Theme: Discipling one anotherWritten by Paulwrote to encourage and share wisdom with Titus in the face of opposition from legalists and the ungodly. tells titus to complete the job of appointing elders and describes what kind of people they should be.Christians should live upright and godly lives as they wait for Christ to return.
Galations Theme:Salvation through faith alonewritten by PaulTo rebuke church about teachings of circumcision was needed to be accepted by God. Everyone can have complete salvation in Jesus Christ
2 Corinthians (the letter) Paul writes to defend his authority as an apostle
Phillipians Theme: Joy from a jailhousewritten by PaulHe has learned to be content in all situations. Told the church to be servants just as Christ was.
Pastoral Epistles 1 Timothy2 TimothyTitus
Paul's Background before, during and after salvation Before: former pharisee and persecutor of the churchDuring: Present at stoning of StephenAfter: Tent maker and missionary to gentiles
Philemon Theme: ForgivenessWritten by Paul and TimothyWrote to tell Philmeon to accept slave, Onesimus, back for running away. He should forgive him as Christ would.