Complete List of Terms and Definitions for Geography Latin American style

Terms Definitions
____ happened in the 1800's, focusing on artistic expression and experimentation modernism
What is the Incas famous city? Cuzco
How many people live in South America? 330 million
What is a quipu? a rope with knotted cords of various colors and lengths
____ started the concepts of mosaics. Native Americans
_____ is a form of language. dialect
Most countries in Latin America are _____. democratic
____ million people live in Latin America 500
School is ___ in grades 1st-12th. free
What are Mestizoes? native american and europeans
The only country that is not democratic is ____. Their leader is ______. CubaFidel Costro
___% of the people of Latin America are Protestant. 7
What are fazendas? sugar plantations
___ are pictures or designs made by setting small bits of colored stone, glass, or tile in mortar mosaics
What are conquistators? spanish conquers
Name the 4 largest urban cities in Latin America. Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, and Buenos Aires
The Aztecs were very ____. political
The maya's developed a number system based on ___. 20
____ are cities with a concentrated urban population that dominates the economy, culture, and government primate cities
The Maya's famous city was..? Tikal
Mexico gained their _____ in the year ____. independence, 1824
____ is a fast paced game much like handball jai alai
Define Malnurished. when something does not have a proper diet.
What are chinampas? floating artificial islands
What are the 2 main holidays? christmas and easter
What are Malatos? African and European
What is the population density of Barbados? 1600
____% of the world population live in Latin America. 9
Asians came in the _____'s. 1800's
Where can you find a malato? Cuba and the Dominican
The Aztecs lived in the famous city of _____ - present day New Mexico. Tinochtitlan
What is futbol? soccer
In the Maya civilization, the _____ and ____ ruled. priest and nobles
____% of the people in LAtin America are Roman Catholic. 82
Where did the Incas live? Andes Mountains or from Ecuador to Chile
What is the fastest growing religion? protestant
____ is an example of a conquistador. Hernando Cortez
Haiti, in ____, was the 1st country to ________. 1804gain independence from europe.
What killed the three native American Indian groups? smallpox and being overworked
There is a big gap between what two classes? upper and lower
What did the Aztecs grow on the chinampas? corn and beans
What is the population density of Mexico? 132
The Aztecs believed in many ______ and _____. gods and goddesses
What is the population density of Brazil? 50
What is the population density of Suriname? 7
The _____ conquered the Native American Indian group Spanish
Where would u find mestizos? Mexico or El Salvador
How many days were in the Mayan calender? 365
The Incas were good ____. They built fortresses adorned with ____ and _____. buildersgoldsilver
The Mayas developed the concept of ___. 0
____% of the total population of Latin America live in South America 66
The Mayas lived...... in central America and southern Mexico
Africans came in the ___'s. 1500's
____ is the movement of people from rural areas into cities. urbanization
____ is the aunts,uncles, and other relatives,besides parents and children extended family
The Europeans came in the ____'s for the three g's, _______,______, ______. 1940'sgold, glory, and God
___ are strong men who promised to solve Latin Amerca's problems but did not. caudillos
The Aztecs were orginally _____ but finally settled in the country of ____. wonderers, Mexico
What is a vicerory? spanish govenor
___ is a Native American language spoken in Latin America. Quechua