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Terms Definitions
telediario news
divertido fun
d'amour romance
ratatouille a
l'équipe crew
la violencia violence
quedar to fit
un cinema cinema
producir to produce
el argumento plot
coûter to cost
el crimen crime
violence la violencia
le film movie
el cantante the singer
feature film il lungometraggio
un guichet ticket booth
talking beasts bestas/monstros falantes
le cinéma movie theater
tratarse de to be about
un dessin anime animated movie
Anne of Avonlea Time Changer
High School Musical 2
au cinéma at the movies
Walk the Line Characters: Johnny, June
monter une pièce to put on
la estrella de cine movie star
Sort of action meio que ação
(movie) star la estrella (del cine)
el programa de entrevistas the talk show
爱情片 ài qíng piàn // romance movie
Marsupial South America's Yapok, or water opossum, is the world's only aquatic ________
boom A pole-like mechanical device for holding the microphone in the air, out of camera range, that can be moved in almost any direction.
si me gustaria yes i would like to
star wars a trilogy that started out good
Grasses The thorny Acacia tree, which competes with the grasses on which many grazers depend, is able to spread because its seeds are ________
Nemo clown fish who go on an adventure
postproduction The third stage of the production process, consisting of editing, preparing the final print, and bringing the film to the public (marketing and distribution).
The Blockbuster Era -Expensive movies with large, pre-defined audiences, packed with cable deals and marketing tie-ins
John Tucker Must Die Characters:John, Kate, Beth, Heather, Carrie
Escape from predators The advantages of being well-developed at birth is the ability to __________
stand-in An actor who looks reasonably like a particular movie star (or at least an actor playing a major role) in height, weight, coloring, and so on, and who substitutes for that actor during the tedious process of preparing setups or taking light readings.
executive producer finds the financing and puts the package together, including story, scipt,stars, and director
plot the story that is told in a movie etc.
review n. a critical estimate of a work or performance; v. writing a criticism of a performance
offscreen sound A form of sound, either diegetic or nondiegetic, that derives from a source we do not see.
i had a debate on weather this was the worst movie ever i ever saw
reverse-angle shot A shot in which the angle of shooting is opposite to that of the preceding shot.
camera obscura A box (or a room in which a viewer stands); light entering (originally through a tiny hole, later through a lens) on one side of the box (or room) projects an image from the outside onto the opposite side or wall.
180 degree system (axis of action) aka imaginary line, line of action, or 180-degree rule. The fundamental means by which filmmakers maintain consistent screen direction, orienting the viewer and ensuring a sense of the cinematic space in which the action occurs. The system assumes three things: (a) the action within a scene will always advance along a straight line, either from left to right or from right to left of the frame; (b) the camera will remain consistently on one side of that action; and (c) everyone on the production set will understand and adhere to this system.
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