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    Arizona, INDV 101

    Excerpt: ... Note-taking guide for INDV101 Language, Spring 2009 Mon., 1/26 When is the standard language supposedly used? (1) (2) (3) (4) Real News, Real Fast (CNN Headline News Slogan) Do drive as careful as you can. (University of Arizona National Public Radio Announcer) It dun work. Ya gum bring it with? The illiteracy level of our children are appalling. Will the highways of the Internet become more few? Sometimes you misunderestimated me. (George W. Bush) What conclusions can we get from the above examples? What do they show us about who uses what varieties of English? Why do we need a standard? Illustrate how the following language examples demonstrate language change. (5) (6) Latin Standard British and Standard American English What register of language is mostly used in school? What does the following example show about written language? (7) Although it could perhaps be maintained that that You-tube video was amusing, . What are the differences between written and spoken language? What is the pu ...

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    H1301 Unit 1 Lecture Two class 2008 [4]

    Tarrant County, HISTORY 1301

    Excerpt: ... English Colonies in America: Transplantation of the English Culture Little mingling with Native Americans English Common Law / religion / social conventions Social mobility based on financial success and land Continual threat from Native ...

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    ESL 911 Course Outline 2.07

    Santa Monica, ESL 911

    Excerpt: ... Santa Monica College Non-Credit Course Outline ESL 911 Course Title: ESL 911: Beginning Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation Date Submitted: 10/08/2002 Updated: 2/28/2007 Total Hours Instruction: 60 I. Catalog Description: Prerequisite: Note This course is designed for the beginning ESL student. In this course students build their pronunciation and comprehension of American English through exercises that improve aural discrimination of sounds; build association of sounds with written letters; teach placement of lips, tongue, and teeth for correct pronunciation; impart correct intonation and stress patterns; improve conversational skills; and appropriate communication patterns (including vocabulary and intonation) for a variety of socio-cultural contexts. II. Required Text and References: One or more of the following or similar texts: Benz, Cheryl and Kara Dworak. Tapestry Listening and Speaking 1. MA: Heinle and Heinle, 2000. Benz, Cheryl and Kara Dworak. Tapestry Listening and Speaking 1 CD. MA: Heinle a ...

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    ling final NOTES

    USC, LING 115g

    Excerpt: ... Sapir-whorf hypothesis: Strong version- language determines thought and perception Weak version- language influences thought and perception Research shows that language does affect 1) how we encode spatial relations 2) how we conceive of objects and their makeup Semantics- study of meaning Language varies in National groups, social classes, ethnic groups, gender, regional groups DARE- Dictionary of American Regional English TELSUR- telephone survey ANAE- Atlas of North American English Vowel mergers Conditional- ex: before the letter n or m in pin v. pen Unconditional- the entire word ex: cot v. caught African American English (AAE) Copula deletion, habitual "be" and "it" AAE and Latino English don't participate in NCS or Southern shift Register- language characteristic of a particular social situation Dialect- language characerisitic of a particular social group Accent- pronuniciation of a dialect Standard language variety- codified in dicitionaries and grammars and serving a speech commu ...