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    Clemson, MYWEB 424

    Excerpt: ... INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION CLEMSON ECONOMICS Product Differentiation Different products or Products differently appreciated? Case studies: Consumer Reports: Taste tests: Diet Coke v. Diet Pepsi (26%) and Coke v. Pepsi. (37%) Williams College: Insignificant ability to identify D. Coke v. D. Pepsi; >1/3 like the other one better. Coke v. Pepsi v. R.C. v. Chek Cola Bud v. Pabst Blue Ribbon v. Ice House | Bud Light v. Miller Lite Big Mac v. Whopper Market Episodes: New Coke Fritos Schlitz Jeans | Tennis Shoes | Computers | Golf clubs & balls Hype v. Real: Brand names Drugs: Tylenol v. generic acetaminophen | Advil v. generic ibruprofen Fixed cost model Figure 7.1 in book. Theoretical effect of competition on demand - substitutability flattens demand. Price setting power v. Dominant firm Wal-Mart v. K-Mart v. Target v. Sears v. J.C. Penny BiLo v. W-D v. Publix Empirical observations: 1. Firms have some price setting power, but much of what appears to be different prices between firms is attributable to quality var ...

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    Lecture 8_Fallacies of weak induction

    UIllinois, PHIL 102

    Excerpt: ... nsory perception is a myth. Question 4 Lester Brown, universally respected author of the yearly State of the World Report, has said that the destruction of tropical rain forests is one of the ten most serious worldwide problems. Thus, it must be the case that this is indeed a very serious problem. False cause Denition False cause fallacy: An argument in which the link between premises and conclusion depends on some imagined causal connection that probably does not exist. Example During the past two months, every time the cheerleaders have worn blue ribbon s in their hair, the basketball team has been defeated. Therefore, to prevent defeats in the future, the cheerleaders should get rid of those blue ribbon s. This is called post hoc ergo propter hoc (after this, therefore because of this). Another example The quality of education in our grade schools and high schools has been declining for years. Clearly, our teachers just arent doing their job these days. This is called oversimplied cause. Sli ...