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    American Factfinder exercise USP 105

    UCSD, USP 105

    Excerpt: ... Using American Factfinder to find Census 2000 Data This example walks you through the steps youll take in using American Factfinder, but is only one example. Youll have to choose slightly different options to find some of the data you will need. Start at Click on the link to American Factfinder in the left hand column In the middle of the page, under Getting Detailed Data and Decennial Census click Get Data Choose the radio button next to Summary File 1. For your assignment youll also need to use Summary File 3. Choose Detailed Tables. For your assignment youll also need to use Quick Tables (QT) Choosing your Geography! Before you can actually create a table, you have to choose your geography. American Factfinder allows you to pull statistics for many different geography levels including states and counties. Since you are all choosing a neighborhood of San Diego, you will need to figure out which Census Tracts make up the area of the neighborhood ...