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    RMU, INFS 6630

    Excerpt: ... INFS 6630 - GIS: Tutorial and Application (Section A) Assignment 5: due February 19, 2009. Peter Y Wu Office: Nicholson 451 E-mail : GIS Resources from the Web This is an exercise to select and download map as well as data from the web, and to incorporate the information into our GIS for analytic mapping. Our goal is to construct a map to illustrate the percentage of elderly population by Census Tract in Allegheny County. We will need to first obtain the base map layers from ESRI, and then we need to get the census data from year 2000 from the US Census Bureau. Census data can be very detailed; we need use Excel spread sheet (or other similar tool) to compute the percentage of elderly population by Census Tract, and save the results in Dbase IV (.dbf) format, to be JOINed into the Shapefile attribute table of the Census Tracts in the base map. After having the Census Tract table JOINed with data, we can set up our map to show percentage of elderly population as illustrated below. It would be ...

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    American Factfinder exercise USP 105

    UCSD, USP 105

    Excerpt: ... Using American Factfinder to find Census 2000 Data This example walks you through the steps youll take in using American Factfinder, but is only one example. Youll have to choose slightly different options to find some of the data you will need. Start at Click on the link to American Factfinder in the left hand column In the middle of the page, under Getting Detailed Data and Decennial Census click Get Data Choose the radio button next to Summary File 1. For your assignment youll also need to use Summary File 3. Choose Detailed Tables. For your assignment youll also need to use Quick Tables (QT) Choosing your Geography! Before you can actually create a table, you have to choose your geography. American Factfinder allows you to pull statistics for many different geography levels including states and counties. Since you are all choosing a neighborhood of San Diego, you will need to figure out which Census Tracts make up the area of the neighborhood ...

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    Midwestern State University, SOILS 468

    Excerpt: ... us tracts Approximate the population of zip codes using Census Tracts Population Apportionment Begin with census tract population Population Apportionment Overlay zip codes which are non-coterminous Population Apportionment Use census tracts to estimate the population in each zipcode Or use census blocks for better estimates Other examples of apportionment Population by voting district Other census data to apportion. SF1 Census Data Population (tract, block group, and block) Age (tract, block group, and block) Race (tract, block group, and block) Housing Units (tract, block group, and block) SF3 Census Data Educational Attainment (tract and block group only) Income (tract and block group only) Poverty Status (tract and block group only) Others? Advanced Apportionment: Tutorial Example Police want to know the number of under-educated persons (over Age22) in their car beats Under-educated data is located in Census tracts (not car beat polygons) Apportion Data for Non-Cotermino ...

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    Assignment Lab 4

    Toledo, GEPL 5110

    Excerpt: ... Erika Marsillac GEPL 5110 GIS Lab assignment Week 4 Using various query techniques discussed in the class, conduct queries to obtain information specified below (answer), and present simple maps that show results of your queries (Map). In addition to answers and maps, describe also the process of queries, especially commands/options that you use in a way that anyone else can repeat your queries on the same data sets to obtain the same results. (You will be required to describe the process of queries, data manipulation, etc. in appendices of the final project report.) 1. Find the total population that live in census tracts within 5 miles from: Roche Memorial Hospital in Toledo (Answer and Map) o Some comments on this question: I interpreted ` census tracts within 5 miles' to be all census tracts that are completely within a 5 mile buffer zone around Roche Memorial Hospital. If I use census tracts that intersected the buffer zone, then the population goes up significantly because some larger census tracts ...

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    Toledo, B 2020

    Excerpt: ... Working with 2001 Census of Canada census tract level profile files in Beyond 20/20 format Assume the following question: What are the major ethnic origins of people living in census tracts surrounding the Robarts Library according to the 2001 Census. To answer this question, you must first understand the main differences between the aggregate products from the 2001 Census. One variable/dimension (univariate distributions) Geography: Large areas: Canada, provinces/territories 150 CMAs and CAs (some files only) Small areas: CMA/CA, CSD, CT, DA, FED, FSA Profile series Two or more variables/dimensions in combination (multivariate distributions) Topic-based tabulations: Nation series Dimension series Topic-based tabulations: Basic summary tabulations Profile series This question is asking for one variable only (ethnic origin), for small geographic areas called census tracts (similar to neighbourhoods), from the 2001 census. Statistics at the census tract level, showing one variable at a time, are contain ...

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    S.F. State, GEOG 620

    Excerpt: ... nsus Tracts within San Francisco county. Click on Geo within Geo. The first two menus allow you to select the aerial units. In the drop-down menu under Show me all, click on Census Tracts . For Within, County. The next menus allow you to select the geographic areas. For Select a state, select California. For Select a county, San Francisco County. For Select one or more geographic areas , select All Census Tracts . Click the Add button to move your selection down to Current geography selection. Click Next. Selecting and Downloading Data Tables You should now be viewing the Select Tables page, where you choose which data tables to download. The current selection method is Show all Tables, which allows you to browse through all the tables in the order of their name. If you know what data youre looking for, but not the name, this method can be tedious. Click on By Subject to view a more logical outline. Under Select a subject, select social characteristics an ...

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    UCSB, ECON 120

    Excerpt: ... Spring 2007 Research Project Second Handout Economics 120 For your first appointment with me, you brought a map and Table DP-3 for both your census tract and its MSA. For your second appointment, I'd like to see six tables, which you construct you ...

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    UCSB, ECON 120

    Excerpt: ... Economics 120 First Draft of Tables October 10, 2008 In lecture on Friday, October 31, please turn in ten tables of Census data concerning your neighborhood. Five of those tables should compare your neighborhood and its urban area (MSA or PMSA) usi ...

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    Toledo, GEPL 5110

    Excerpt: ... GEPL 4110: 5110 Geographic Information Systems Spatially Determining Netflix Target Audience in Toledo, OH Jimmy Thompson (Grad Student) Introduction Netflix was created in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings who were coworkers at a software company and by 1998 the website was functional (Czar, 1998). A year later the company introduced a monthly subscription plan and Netflix quickly grew to what it is today, netting $66.9 million in 2007 while employing over 1,400 people (Netflix Facts). This growth has forced video rental stores to change the way they do business by offering unlimited rentals or even offering a similar mailing service. Using the United States Postal Service, Netflix is able to ship 1.6 million DVDs daily (Netflix Facts). This study will analyze a target audience that Netflix may appeal to in Toledo, OH. The study will focus on location, convenience, median income, and age in Toledo census tracts . At the conclusion of this paper, areas of Toledo that should be targeted by Netflix adve ...

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    UPenn, ESE 502

    Excerpt: ... able Tenure by Vehicles Available Tenure by Vehicles Available STF3 Code H0370004 H0370005 H0370006 H0370007 H0370008 H0370009 H03700010 H03700011 H03700012 Data Element Owner occupied: 3 Owner occupied: 4 Owner occupied: 5 or more Renter occupied: None Renter occupied: 1 Renter occupied: 2 Renter occupied: 3 Renter occupied: 4 Renter occupied: 5 or more Percentage of Center City Commuters Who Use Rail This variable was calculated from the census tract socioeconomic and demographic data in STF3 as follows: Percentage of Center City commuters who use rail = (Public transportation: Railroad) / (Worked in MSA/PMSA of residence: Central city) x 100 Ten census tracts (3012.01,3012,3059,3104.98,3103,3105,3081,3005,3053,3041.01) had 0 Center City commuters and were therefore removed from the analysis. The assumption inherent in this calculation is that all workers who use rail for journey-to-work are commuting to Center City. This may not always be the case. For example, there may be residents of, say, Downingtow ...

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    CSU Northridge, SG 4002

    Excerpt: ... GEOID GEOID2 SUMLEV COUNTY Total population : Total X TPY X-TPY GEOID GEOID2 SUMLEV 14000US26163000000 26163000000 140 14000US26163500100 26163500100 140 14000US26163500200 26163500200 140 14000US26163500300 26163500300 140 14000US26163500400 ...

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    CSU Northridge, SG 4002

    Excerpt: ... GEO_ID GEO_ID2 SUMLEVEL GEO_NAME Geography Identifier 14000US26163000000 14000US26163500100 14000US26163500200 14000US26163500300 14000US26163500400 14000US26163500500 14000US26163500600 14000US26163500700 14000US26163500800 14000US26163500900 14 ...

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    University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, VP 560

    Excerpt: ... ation for tract (obs) Total cases/Total Population (exp) 2 Lecture: Basic Analysis Line in polygon summation with spatial join A set of case premises with a two mile buffer around each. Summarize the total length of roads within the buffer area as a measure of relative accessibility. Summary of grid within a polygon Determine the percentage of vegetation within the census tracts of a study area Grid analysis and the ESRI Spatial Analyst extension Provides a toolbox to manipulate raster files Many of the analytical tools in GIS work on raster data Typically, one or more input maps are processed to create a new map Spatial Analyst - Reclassify Reclassification assigning new values to cells based on some criteria ESRI calls it a local method Uses simplify assign quantities with analytical meaning Each class has a numeric value Map Reclassification All Land Cover Classes Vegetated and Non-vegetated Distance measures Relate discrete features to area around them Uses where are the places within 1 ...

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    Ill. Chicago, PT 3

    Excerpt: ... ry Once you know the block numbers (or census tracts , etc), you can request a data table for those areas. There are 2 steps: Select your geographic area Select your data table First step: Select your geographic area 1. Go to the American FactFinder web site: Click on Datasets on the left 2. Select the data set. We will use Census 2000 Summary File 1, 100-Percent Data. -3- Getting census data using American FactFinder 3. A menu of options will pop up. Select Detailed Tables 4. Select the type of area you want data for (click the bar marked State for the menu). For the most detailed level, select Block 5. Select Illinois, and then Cook County. Then click select census tract and find the one you want. -4- Getting census data using American FactFinder 6. Click select block group the same way. NOTE: Block group numbers are the first number of the block. So Block 1003 is in Block Group 1. 7. Now select all the Bl ...