Documents about Daisy Chain

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    North Texas, BCIS 5620

    Excerpt: ... Lab 2: Multistory Building LAN: Daisy Chain Versus Collapsed Backbone Architecture Objective This lab teaches the application performance of two different network architectures: Daisy Chain and Collapsed Backbone Network. The book shows a collapsed backbone data network in which there is a core switch in the basement equipment room. The core switch is linked directly to a workgroup switch on each floor. Another option is to link the switches in a daisy chain . In this approach, the basement core switch is linked directly to the first floor switch, the first floor switch is linked directly to the second floor switch, and so forth. This lab shows the application latency introduced by connecting building switches in different ways. Overview The First Bank of Paradise's Operations building has 10 floors, each having many users connected to a 10Base-T workgroup switch in the floor's telecommunications closet. The users share an Oracle server and seven file and print servers in the basement. In Scenario 1, the swit ...