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    chapter 3

    LSU, KIN 2504

    Excerpt: ... Chapter 3 Exercise Prescription personalized exercise prescription o many different activities promote fitness o the choice of activities should be based on personal enjoyment, convenience, and availability-make sure target personal needs (someone who doesn't work out a lot-start on walking/easy weight program-get ready for heavier workout) o while no single activity develops overall fitness most exercisers adhere to a single mode and thus are not as fit as they may think they are o to develop overall fitness one needs to engage in a combination of personalized health-related fitness activities monitoring daily physical activity o the first step towards becoming more active is to carefully monitor daily physical activity o to help increase, maintain and monitor daily physical activity consider purchasing a pedometer-it is recommended to take about 10,000 steps per day (on average take about that amount) the typical male in the U.S. takes about 6,000 and typical female take 5,300 steps per day readiness for ...

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    Cal Poly, KINE 303

    Excerpt: ... ate production occurs under what conditions? The role of Acetyl-CoA in energy production. Energy production via Beta-Oxidation. Very high intensity exercise and energy systems. What roles do hormones play during exercise? Goals of the endocrine system? Roles of glucagon and insulin during exercise. Define and explain RER, EPOC, Oxygen Debt, OBLA, LT. How to quantify aerobic energy production. What is the relationship between VO2 and heart rate. Indirect Calorimetry what can it measure? Protein requirements for sedentary people and athletes. Who would benefit from CHO loading and why? Health risks associated with obesity. Advantages and disadvantages for the different body composition procedures. What are the factors that determine obesity? What role do genetics play in body fat? What is the caloric deficit necessary for 1-2 lbs of weight loss per week? Recommended exercise prescription for weight loss. List exercise guidelines for an overweight person. Understand positive and negative energy balance. ...

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    Lecture #3 - Exercise Physiology

    University of Michigan, MOVESCI 111

    Excerpt: ... Physical Education 4. Athletic Training 5. Exercise prescription 6. Coaching Lecture #3 Professional Exercise Physiology Professional Exercise Physiologist 1. 2. 1. No certification requirement Diverse careers Research in colleges, universities, or private industries 2. 3. 4. Own Health and fitness companies Massage therapy Physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, nutrition, medicine, chiropractic. Lecture #3 Professional Exercise Physiology Certification/License Do you need to be certified? Why, why not Due to diverse fields of studies, not license is required except in Louisiana. Lecture #3 Professional Exercise Physiology Certification & Licensing Organizations Aerobics and Fitne ss Association of Ameri ca (AFAA) American College Sports Medi cine (ACSM ) American Council on Exercise (ACE) Canadian Aerobics I nstructors Network (CAIN) Canadian Personal T rainers Ne twork (CPTN) Canadian Society for Exercise Phy siology The Cooper Institute for Aerob ...

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    Virginia Tech, HNFE 3864

    Excerpt: ... effect of physical activity on life expectancy Calculated the effects of different levels of physical activity on life expectancy with & w/o CVD at age years or older Franco et al 2005 Effect of physical activity level on life expectancy (LE) at age 50 years Summary: Exercise Improve most risk factors for CVD Especially when weight loss accompanies the exercise training Helpful to understand the mechanisms behind the benefits to help patients understand and to tailor exercise prescription Franco, O. H. et al. Arch Intern Med 2005;165:2355-2360. 7 ...

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    KIN325 - Case Study #2

    Rhode Island, KIN 325

    Excerpt: ... the 90th percentile. 3. Write and exercise prescription for muscular fitness for the first few weeks. What did you base your decision on? - Upper Body Choice of Exercise bench press, arm curl, lat pull-down Frequency 2-3 days/wk Intensity 60-70% 1RM Volume (Duration) 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps Rest Interval 1-2 min - Lower Body Choice of Exercise leg press, leg extension, leg curl Frequency 2-3 days/wk Intensity 70-85% 1RM Volume (Duration) 1-3 sets of 10-15 reps Rest Interval 2-3 min - Frequency As a beginner, giving him a goal of 2-3 days per week for the first few weeks gives him the flexibility to work around his schedule to find the right "groove", as well as giving his body enough time to rest between each work-out session. - Intensity The reasoning for my decision to vary intensity between upper body and lower body was because this man's lower body is much stronger than his upper body, therefore, it would make more sense to work his lower body muscles a little harder t ...

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    Cal Poly, KINE 303

    Excerpt: ... (healthy individuals, cardiac rehab patients, senior clients). Exercise prescription and adherence techniques. Relative risk of developing disease and levels of physical activity and fitness. ACSM guidelines for improving fitness level: frequency, intensity, time, and type. * Good luck with the last week of the quarter and with all your finals. Please talk with me as soon as possible if you have questions about this review. Feel free to email me questions if you have them. Final Exam Review 2 ...

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    KIN325 - Case Study #1

    Rhode Island, KIN 325

    Excerpt: ... ion sizes, she would end up getting hungry on the job and resorting to eating what her coworkers had to offer. Lower back pain If this individual has chronic lower back pain that was not caused by a traumatic event, there are a few things she can do that could possibly minimize the pain. One of the main causes of lower back pain is the lack of flexibility of the hip flexor muscles (which are the muscles located on the front of the thigh connected to the iliac crest on the hip bone). When these muscles are tight, the hips are strained from dispersing the weight of the body. Other factors that add to lower back pain are tight hamstrings, as well as lack of strength in the abdomen, quadriceps, and gluteus maximus. I would suggest that after her exercise prescription this individual should spend 2 minutes after her cool-down period to stretch the hip flexors as well as the hamstrings. She can even stretch these muscles on days she does not exercise, like after a hot shower when her muscles are warm. Possibly af ...