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    [RTF305] Key Issues and Concepts (Test 2 - S09)

    University of Texas, RTF 305

    Excerpt: ... ay 07). We cannot guarantee responses to emails sent after that time. 1 RTF305: Introduction to Media Studies (Spring 09) Test 2: Key Issues and Concepts TEXTBOOK & LECTURES Film History I: Classical Hollywood (Ch 7: pp.189201) + Schatz, "The Studio System & Conglomerate Hollywood" Feature film Star system Motion Picture Code Rise and fall of Classical Hollywood & the studio system Characteristics and advantages of the studio system Big Five v. Little Three 1948 Paramount Decree (= US v. Paramount Pictures) Vertical integration Television's impact on Hollywood (late 1940s~60s) FinSyn rules (& consequences) Firstrun distribution Casablanca The Maltese Falcon Broadcasting History: Network Radio (Ch 6: pp.159170, 182185) Amateur radio Titanic's significance in broadcasting history Radio Act of 1912 RCA Toll broadcasting Characteristics of early commercial broadcasting Characteristics of early network broadcasting (1920s~40s) The Big Three Television's impact on radio (late 1940s) FM revolution ...

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    Midterm Study Guide

    SMU, CTV 2351

    Excerpt: ... INTERNATIONAL FILM HISTORY MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE [Fall ,07] Worland Below is a shorthand outline of material that will be covered on the exam. The test will consist of short answer, identificiations, and essay questions based on readings, screenings, and lectures. Note also the outlines I put on the board for each lecture and/or the analysis of film clips. *Asterisk means excerpts only shown in class. Chapts. 1-2. Important Early films, 1894-1906: Rice-Irwin Kiss, Sandow; The Barber Shop; Seminary Girls; Black Diamond Express; Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots; The Gay Shoe Clerk; Arrival of a Train, The Gardener Gets Sprinkled, Feeding the Baby; Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory; A Trip To the Moon; The Great Train Robbery; Life of an American Fireman; The Lost Child. Edisons Kinetoscope Kinetograph camera Black Maria studio Vaudeville houses the Lumiere Brothers cinematographe Edwin S. Porter Georges Melies & trick films Nickelodeon theaters series photographs From "early" to classica ...

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    22 Quiz Review

    Emerson, VM 100

    Excerpt: ... Film History : Chapter 6 What were the Kuleshov experiments? What techniques were involved in Soviet montage? Why was it successful? Why did Dziga Vertov dislike fiction filmmaking? What caused the end of the montage movement? Film History : Chapter 8 What were the advantages of the Film Europe approach? Why did the Film Europe approach fall apart? What was the artistic result of the Film Europe approach? What are the antecedents to current "art cinema" institutions and how did they come about? What is dada? Surrealism? Cinema Pur? Abstract animation? The city symphony? Late 1920s experimental narrative? What is one example of each? What were the three main tendencies of 1920s documentaries? What's significant about them? Film History : Chapter 14 What factors lead to the spread of political cinema? Suggested Readings What are the virtues and limitations of montage, according to Andre Bazin? What are some of the main points of Paddy Scannell's article, "Public Service Broadcasting: The History of a Concept." ...

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    363 Exam Review 2008

    San Diego State, TFM TFM 363

    Excerpt: ... ZU Traditional Japanese values and aesthetics; film titles often refer to simple daily life: Floating Weeds, Early Spring, Tokyo Story) OSHIMA (The Rebel, best-known member of the Japanese New Wave, his films are rebellious and break Japanese social conventions. For example, In the Realm of the Senses is about a notorious sex-crime and is often banned for its graphic sex and violence) THIRD WORLD/ THIRD CINEMA These are NOT the same thing. Third Cinema is a cinema of rebellion. Focus on the film history of Argentina it will be our case study) The Official Story ...

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    Film 101 Critique Notes

    Oregon State, FILM 101

    Excerpt: ... ntary visual style 3) Use of actual location 4) use of non professional actors 5) Avoidence of lituraly Dialogue for conversation speech 6) Avoidance of stylized sets and lighting La Politique des Auteurs- Greatest movies are dominated by the personal visions of the director. Producer-Directors- worked independently within major studios Electism- Tradition of sensibility that no one theory can explain all movies but a large group can, very biased. Structuralism semiology- attempted to introduce a new scientific Rigor to film criticism, to allow for a more systematic and detailed analyses of movies. Semiology- how movies signify, verbal and nonverbal consisting of a complex network of signs we instinctively decipher while in a movie it uses awful jargon to explain itself which detracts from it. Historiography- Theory of History assumptions and methodologies of historical study Different forms of History of Film: 1) Aesthetic film history 's- Film as art 2) Technological film- motion picture inventions 3) Econom ...

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    AS 10 - 11-27 Lecture

    Berkeley, ASIAN STUD 10

    Excerpt: ... ationally known 4. People don't go to these films for the plotlines a. They go to see how the "formula" unfolds and how clever the director is to see if he/she made up new twists and turns; its not in the tale, but the telling of the tale 5. Focus of lecture is strictly on Bollywood made in Bombay, India a. From point of view through fan or audience b. Not an analysis of details Logic of Bollywood Films - Not realistic - Fantasy world - Exaggerated acting/melodramatic - Character stereotyping Social Contexts - Film in people's daily lives - Weak print media - Popularity of films Early Sanskrit Dramas - Indian theater and arts - Garish costumes - Music and dance - Convoluted storylines - Also folk traditions Early Parsi Theater - Originally from Persia - Zorastrianism - Pool of performers for early film Early Indian Films (1920s) - Similar film history as West - Photography (1840) - Motion picture (1896) "Alam Ara" - Bombay = Mumbai - British East India Co. - First Indian film Love and Romance Films - Awar ...

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    Tufts, ENG 2

    Excerpt: ... ll be able contradict its own tag line by staying at top of the list of classic movies in American film history for years to come. 5 ...