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    CSU Fullerton, FACULTY 445

    Excerpt: ... American Studies 445 The Cold War and A merican Cu lture Essay #1 Due March 1 at 7 p.m. Write an original essay based on one of the following guiding questions: 1. To what extent do you find the containment metaphor a useful way of thinking about American culture in the early Cold War? To what extent do you find American culture in the early Cold War period to be shaped by a fear of communist aggression? To what extent do you find American culture in the early Cold War period to be shaped by a fear of nuclear annihilation? 2. 3. Keep the principles of good writing in mind state a thesis clearly and defend it with evidence. Your writing must be analytic, not merely descriptive. Your essay should reflect your familiarity with course materials and your consideration of these materials. Regardless of the question you choose, you should refer explicitly to Homeward Bound , a piece of popular literature (Spillane or one of Savages comics), and a film (High Noon, On the Beach, or The Manchurian Candidate). ...

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    MN State, AMST 419

    Excerpt: ... ork: Basic Books, 1983. Degler, Carl. At Odds: Women and the Family in America from the Revolution to the Present. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 1980. Friedan, Betty. The Feminine Mystique. 1963. 20th ann. ed. New York: Norton, 1983. Hochschild, Arlie. The Second Shift: Working Parents and the Revolution at Home. New York: Viking, 1989. Lewin, Tamar. Now a Majority: Families with Two Parents Who Work. New York Times 24 Oct. 2000: A20. May, Elaine Tyler. Homeward Bound : American Families in the Cold War Era. New York: Basic Books, 1988. ...

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    Virginia Tech, SLP 1893

    Excerpt: ... on a railroad is not in it. Nor are they even the victims. The genuine victims, of which we know more than one instance in this very neighborhood, are those who have some little property; who find it hard to get along; who, in the fever of competition, lose their heads by florid descriptions of Oklahoma and such like places; and who then become a prey to the schemes and the agents of railroad companies, sink a good portion of their savings in an outward and the rest of their savings in a homeward bound ticket, and land back in the congested centers like plucked chickens or fleeced sheep. There is only one way of starting the unemployedby establishing the Co-operative Commonwealth where the nations machinery of productionland and capitalis owned and operated by and for the people. The People, Vol. III, No. 8. Sunday, May 21, 1893 So c ia list L a bo r Pa rt y 3 www. slp. o rg Judge Hiltons Mission A De Leon editorial transcribed and edited by Robert Bills for the Official Web si ...

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    resonse #20001

    Colorado, WRTG 3020

    Excerpt: ... Caitlin Bartley WRTG3020 September 3,2008 ~ In4lrls essay " Homeward Bound ," Hirsfhman discusses that most~fthe women in today's society are staying at home with their children and are completely disregarding successful careers, but chose to give it all up when they decided to have babies. ()'!~ chose to tend to the children and house whil the family whe~s an brings in the money to support Hirsfhman writes about the elite women with money, education, and privilege who are opting out to follow the path that women must be responsible for the housework and children only. Feminists have,\ been trying to change this way of thinking so women would stop limiting themselves by a,uJ,v} j LX\c.~ Not only are women believing these things for themselves, the men that expect mothers to put raising children and not having their own career above themselves as well. ~ -\0 I agree with Hirschman that women are choosing sacrifice what they have } dreamed for as far as having an education and career goes. It is true ...

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    HB Instrucion Manual

    UCSC, CMPS 080

    Excerpt: ... Homeward Bound Jon Clark Summary After enjoying a relaxing ski vacation on the planet Pluto, Dad must fly his family home in the family space ship. Unfortunately, they have run into an asteroid field. To top it all off, they also encounter some aliens who will kill anyone they come across. Can Dad fly his family safely back home to Earth? Help Dad dodge numerous asteroids and aliens to fly his family back home to Earth. In order to get safely back to Earth, Dad must go through seven different levels. Each level is unique in that they have more and more enemies and asteroids to avoid. If you are able to get past every level, you will make it back to Earth and you will won the game. Controls W- up* A left* S down* D right* Shift stop Alt Pause Backspace Return to Main Menu *Pressing one of these buttons will send you in that direction you will not stop unless you press shift. NOTICE: If you run into a gray wall, you will die and it will be game over. Also, you can fly over planets but you can't r ...

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    ED 639 Cold War

    Wright State, ED 639

    Excerpt: ... : Congressional Quarterly, 1993) 362 pp., index. This book presents a straightforward, annotated chronology of U.S.-Soviet relations from the end of World War II to the end of the Cold War. Instructional Resources 3. May, Elaine Tyler. Homeward Bound : American Families in the Cold War Era (New York: Basic Books, 1988), 284 pp., illustrations, index. May explores the complex historical reasons why Americans chose to live in suburbanized nuclear families and retain traditional gender roles in the two decades following the Second World War. By combining statistical, economic, and psychological studies with cultural analyses of the period's television, film, and popular science, May argues that the new American family order did two things during the Cold War: first, it defused the potentially revolutionary effects of the vast changes wrought in the very nature of work by the Depression, World War II, and the United States' strong post-war economy; and second, it served to allay the anxieties about personal ...

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    East Los Angeles College, CS 2341

    Excerpt: ... database covers brochure information including flight, package, booking and timetable information. What is a package holiday for Sweeney Tours? A package holiday combines three things into one package: a flight on a specific week a hotel a predefined number of nights which have been costed per person into one predefined package. Often, a party of people books a package together. Sweeney Tours only deals with package holidays and does not deal with independent travellers, or with booking flights only or hotel bookings only, all of its bookings must be made through authorised booking agents. All holidays are for one week. Weekly Package Holiday Availability One of the most important aspects of the system is checking whether a package is available or not. A package's availability for the week depends on the: availability of seats on the outward and homeward bound weekly flights; availability of rooms in the hotel for the weekly flight. Holiday Duration and Package Costs Sweeney Tours only deals with ...

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    TCU, BJONES 20263

    Excerpt: ... pp-lecture The PowerPoint slides in this folder are designed to be used to support lectures on the textbook contents. They include the text figures plus bulleted lists and other slides that reflect the narrative. Some instructors choose to post the ...

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    Illinois Tech, MATH 149

    Excerpt: ... <STUDYGUIDES08C.TXT> {5-9-2008} Math 149 Spring 2008 Final Study Guide, Part III - Chapter 6 Concept Check, p. 378: 1,2,3,4,5 Exercises: 1-6, 7-11, 12-16 Chapter 9 Concept Check, p. 598: 1 Exercises: 1, 3a, 7 ...

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    Seattle Pacific, MEDIA 0304

    Excerpt: ... S p ort s I n f or m at io n Of f i c e Frank MacDonald, SID FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: SEPTEMBER 9, 2003 2003 men's soccer 206/281-2772 voice | 206/281-2266 fax | | Turnaround Time: SPU Men Open GNAC Play Offensive Drought Continues; Goalie Gets Award Homeward bound . A homeward bound Seattle Pacific University men's soccer squad aims to salvage a long and so far unrewarding road trip when it begins Great Northwest Athletic Conference play this week. The Falcons (0-40), off to their worst start in 34 years, visit Humboldt State (0-1-0/2-3-0) Thursday afternoon (Sept. 11) to wrap-up a five-game, 18-day trip through California. Next week they cross into Canada for a Sept. 17 date with Simon Fraser. The home opener is Sept. 19 against Montana State Billings. Never, ever before. What promised to be a celebratory first month of the season for Coach Cliff McCrath has instead become a gauntlet. For the first time in McCrath's 34 years at the school, Seattle Pacific has lost i ...

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    East Los Angeles College, CS 2312

    Excerpt: ... ack home. So, when a flight is booked a holiday-maker travels out on the weekly flights outward leg on one date, has the holiday, and returns on the following weeks flights homeward leg. 20 Example: A particular instance of flight PL2S is on 16th July. The outward leg of the flight is on Tuesday 16th July at 21:00, the plane returns to the UK and arrives on Wednesday 17th July at 06:00 (it being a night flight). The following week, the outward leg on Tuesday 23rd July turns round and arrives back in the UK on Wednesday 24th July. Holiday makers who have booked a 7 night holiday who flew outward on the previous Tuesday 16th July PL2S flight, will get the PL2S Tuesday 23rd July homeward flight, arriving in the UK on Wednesday 24th July at 06:00. Weekly Package Availability One of the most important aspects of the system is checking whether a package is available or not. A packages availability for the week depends on the: 1. availability of seats on the outward and homeward bound weekly flights; 2. ...

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    Illinois Tech, MATH 149

    Excerpt: ... <STUDYGUIDES08A.TXT> {5-5-2008} Math 149 Spring 2008 Final Exam Study Guide, Part I - Chapter 3 Review Concept Check, p. 196: 1 - 11 True-False Quiz, p. 196. Exercises: 10,11 & 12-40 - Chapter 4 Review Concept Check, p. 281: 1,2,3,4,5,6, ...

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    Rock to Bach Test 2

    TCU, MUSI 10073

    Excerpt: ... s "Bob Dylan" "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan"-had 1st hit called Blowin' in the Wind "The Times They are a-changing" Dylan's minimalism. Minimal musical material Well-crafted lyrics Strophic form(aaaa) Dylan's importance-p.181 Dramatic Move to Rock & Roll (1965) Newport Folk Festival (July 1965) -got booed off stage for playing electric guitar -played an acoustic song which was his last one ever "Like a rolling stone" "Mr. Tambourine Man (R&R 11) Presented by the Byrds in the new folk rock style June 1965 The Mamas and the Papas A softer folk rock style "California Dreamin'" "I Saw Her Again Last Night" "Words of Love" "For The Love of Ivy" "Monday Monday" biggest hit -this group had a 4 part harmony Simon and Garfunkel "Parsley, Sage, Rosemanry and Tyme" "Scarborough Fair" "Hello Mrs. Robinson" " Homeward Bound " "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"-biggest hit 2/19 Soul and Motown What is Soul? Ray Charles-"It's a force that can light up a room." The force radiates from sense of selfhood. A sense of knowing where yo ...

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    Pittsburgh, EBB 8

    Excerpt: ... o pile stone and beam across the gates within. Come now! (534) These directions and last minute decisions that change as the enemy surprises them are only truly seen for what they are worth when it is heard as it is happening. Details like these are not normally made aware to anyone outside the battle, thus allowing the reader to have a close view of the inner workings of battles and wars. Along with detailed, epic battle scenes that show war from the front-line point of view, there is also a thorough look at post-war Middle Earth. In the chapters Many Partings and Homeward Bound the Company takes the reverse route of their journey, and the reader gets a sense of what everyone else in Middle Earth was doing while the heroes were fighting for them. There are both physical changes of the land and societal changes within the different towns. Isengard, for example, is taken over by the Ents: All the stone-circle had been thrown down and removed, and the land within was made into a garden filled ...

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    UVA, HYPER 2

    Excerpt: ... . I wish I had somebody to decide for me." The pocket book lay open in his hand, with Louise's small letter in view. His eye fell upon that, and it decided him. "It shall go for taxes," he said, "and never tempt me or mine any more!" He opened the window and stood there tearing the tax bill to bits and watching the breeze waft them away, till all were gone. "The spell is broken, the life-long curse is ended!" he said. "Let us go." The baggage wagon had arrived; five minutes later the two friends were mounted upon their luggage in it, and rattling off toward the station, the Colonel endeavoring to sing " Homeward Bound ," a song whose words he knew, but whose tune, as he rendered it, was a trial to auditors. ...