Documents about Logistic Regression Model

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    Cornell, BTRY 6030

    Excerpt: ... of the general linear model ( eg. Multiple regression,ANOVA). Many relationships cannot be adequately summarized by a simple linear equation, for two major reasons: Distribution of dependent variable Link function Generalized Linear Model Special case is logistic regression model . Special case is the loglinear model. Components of generalized linear model The random component identifies the response variable Y and assumes a probability distribution for it. The systematic component specifies the explanatory variables used as predictors in the model. The link describes the functional relationship between the systematic component and the expected value (mean) of the random component. Random component Let Y1, Y2,.Yn denote the independent observations for the response variable Y for a sample size N. The random component of a GLM consists of identifying the response variable Y and selecting a probability distribution for (Y1, Y2,.Yn). Random component If the potenti ...

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    Harvard, HST 951

    Excerpt: ... a function of the low birth weight indicator), as well as a correlation matrix. What results appear the most striking to you? Create a random test set of 200 cases and show whether your sample is representative of the population. If not, try another one. From here on, calculate the Brier score, the c-index, plot the ROC, and calculate the Hosmer-Lemeshow (HL) goodness-of-fit (both types) for all requested models in the training and test sets. Use R to run your logistic regression model s, and either netlab or NevProp from http:/ Do not use off-the-shelf ROC software please! (ii) Run a logistic regression model using maternal smoking to predict low birth weight. What are your inferences? What is the estimated probability of having a low birth weight infant for a woman who smokes 30 cigarettes per day? What is the estimated probability of having a low birth weight infant for a nonsmoking woman? What is the estimated odds ratio associated with a 30 cigarette per ...