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    Stanford, ENGL 126


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    LTWR 601 sp 06 Yuan

    CSU San Marcos, LTWR 601

    Excerpt: ... LTWR 601 Seminar on Multicultural Literature: The New Horizon Dr. Yuan Yuan 760-750-4081: Spring 2006 W: 5:30-8:15 ACD 308 Office Hours: M & W: 9:00-10:00 Markstein Hall 133 Texts Ordered: Alexie: Reservation Blues; Welch, Winter in Blood; Erdrich, Love Medicine ; Sarris, Watermelon Nights; Castillo, The Mixquiahuala Letters; Anzaldu, Borderlands; Garcia, Dreaming in Cuba; Morrison, Jazz; Danticat, Breath, Eyes, Memory; Widerman, Sent for You Yesterday; Lee, Native Speaker; Lahiri: Interpretation of Maladies; Hector Calderon, Criticism in the Borderlands: Studies in Chicano literature, Culture, and Ideology; Shirley Geok-lin Lim, Reading the Literatures of Asian America; Harold Bloom, Native-American Writers; Ervin, African American Literary Criticism: 1777-2000. Course Description: The class will expose students to the recent development of multicultural literature and focus on works published in the past twenty years. This course provides students the opportunity to engage the issues of litera ...

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    Erdrich Short Response

    , ASAMST R2B

    Excerpt: ... Brandon Yanari Asian American Studies R2B Anna Leong and Janey Lew 10 April 2008 Short Response: Louise Erdrich Love Medicine Questions: What is the significance of all of the family relationships being sometimes good and sometime bad? Why are there so many characters and leaps in time between chapters? Overall theme: Sometimes, one must abandon the home and family in order to succeed financially and emotionally in life. Passage: Every so often I would try to stop time again by finding a still place and sitting there. But the moment I was getting the feel of quietness, leaning up a tree, parked in the truck, sitting with the cows, or just smoking on a rock, so many details of love and politics would flood me. It would be like I had dried my mind out only to receive the fresh dousing of, say, more tribal news (Erdrich 136). Brief Interpretation: In this passage, Nector Kashpaw talks about the thoughts going through his mind while he tries to get away from the rush of everyday family life, as shown by his ...

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    love med

    MATC Madison, ENG 213

    Excerpt: ... Mallory Brooks Love Medicine By Louise Erdrich Love Medicine , like all of the other novels thus far, is jam packed with similar themes. The strongest themes are the homing plot, search for identity, and family ties and relations. There is not just one person who is going through this process but instead almost every person, creating a complex family story but a personal story as well for the reader. The first chapter of the book starts with June and takes us through her last day alive, in the following chapters we go back in time to learn all of the families history and piece together the characters life's. June is the first example of the use of the homing plot; unfortunately, she does not make it home like the majority of the others. Henry Jr. is the person who does not find their way home. Nector Kashpaw finds his way home through closure with Lulu, and rejoining Marie in his life after death. This situation in a complicated one though, because it is unsure whether or not he in the end truly wanted to b ...

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    Characters sketch . love medicine

    Berkeley, NAT 152

    Excerpt: ... similar ways. List at least one, and give examples that will show the comparison between the authors' styles. There are distinct similarities between Erdrich's style in Love Medicine and Gloria Naylor's style in The Women of Brewster Place. List and explain the similarities using specific examples from both novels. While Erdrich's writing in Love Medicine is said to be non-autobiographical, there are many aspects of the story that Erdrich has taken from her own experiences. Locate and read a biographical sketch of Erdrich and compare it to Love Medicine . Trace the history of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Describe its original intent and purpose. Discuss its place in contemporary America. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is said to be prevalent among Native Americans. Research this disease. Describe the symptoms and causes as well as the treatments and current studies that are being done. Locate and discuss references to the relationship between the disease and Native American culture. ...

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    fred. douglass and love medicine

    University of West Georgia, AMLI 2107

    Excerpt: ... Tankesley 1 Lauren Tankesley Professor Newton English 2130 November 28, 2006 The Slaves Relief of Freedom The characters Frederick Douglass and Marie Lazzare in Douglass' The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and Erdrich's Love Medicine respectively encounter mistreatment followed by relieving freedom at crucial points in their lives. A former slave, Frederick Douglass knows the meaning of captivity and mistreatment. Throughout his life, he experiences horrible events of beatings, starvation and cold. He states, "I know of such cases; and it is worthy of remark that such slaves invariably suffer greater hardships, and have more to contend with, than others" (Douglass 21). In reference to his own experience on Colonel Lloyd's plantation in comparison to other slaves treatment, Douglass "suffered much from hunger, but more from cold.was kept almost naked.[and] had no bed" (Douglass 42). He is not badly beaten as a young man, but he does witness the exploitation of other slaves. In his narrative, h ...

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    Chester, ECO 343

    Excerpt: ... In Rural China, a Steep Price of Poverty: Dying of AIDS October 28, 2000 In Rural China, a Steep Price of Poverty: Dying of AIDS By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL Dr. Gao Yaojie, who is fighting an AIDS epidemic in rural China. Issue in Depth The AIDS Epid ...

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    CSU Northridge, HCENG 029

    Excerpt: ... Genealogy of Love Medicine "Kashpaws, Nanapushes, Pillagers, Lazarres, and Lamartines" Original Kashpaw = Margaret Rushes Bear = Nanapush Ignatius Lazarre = Sophie Morrissey Fleur Pillager - Eli Kashpaw or Butchers Napoleon Morrissey-Pauline Puyat (Leopolda) Moses Pillager - Lulu Nanapush - Nector (b. 1914) Eli Kashpaw Nector Kashpaw = Marie Lazarre Lucille Lazarre = Morrissey Eight children in Montana (b. 1919-1920) [raised by Morrisseys and Lazarres] Swede Johnson = Zelda = Bjornson (b. 1941) Aurelia Eugene Patsy (b. 1948) Albertine Johnson (b. 1958) King = Lynette Lipsha Morrissey (b. 1964) King Jr. (Howard) Lulu unmarried Lulu Nanapush + Moses Pillager Lulu Nanapush + Moses Pillager Lulu Nanapush + Moses Pillager = Eldest male Nanapush (b. 1935) = Second male Nanapush = Gerry Nanapush (b. 1945) Lyman Lamartine (b. 1954) Shawn (b. 1980) Gordie = June Morrissey - Gerry Nanapush = Dot Adare (b. 1935) (1939-1981) (b. 1945) Lulu married to some no-count Morrissey Lulu Morrissey + r ...

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    Yale, HUMS 255

    Excerpt: ... Art, Love, and Beauty 3 3. Aristophanes 1/19/08 Harries 1 1 Last time I discussed the very deliberate way in which Plato frames the Symposium. You should keep in mind that the time of the supposed telling of the story is 401 BC, three years after ...

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    Virgin Islands, ANTH 393

    Excerpt: ... Epidemiology of AIDS Dana Carr RN.,BHScN, MSc Epidemiology Outline HIV virology Epidemiology Compare rates in Africa and NA. Compare modes of transmission Dry Sex and I TRACK Human Immunodeficiency HIV Retro Virus (RNA) Subgroup Lentvirus (slow) ...

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    Concept of Medicine

    Idaho, WEBPAGES 329

    Excerpt: ... lways entails a transcendent power. (story, e.g., "brew," and "gift of the eagle feathers") Efficacy in spiritual power, not physical attributes. 4. Baalia (to doctor). Medicine alters peoples' lives, (story, e.g., "nurse's guilt and Sun Dance," "Vietnam bundle"). It is understood as a real and true power, not imaginary, not psychologically based, not based in belief (story, e.g., "woman at Sun Dance"). Pervasively applied: control weather, clairvoyance, control animals, love medicine , war medicine, contests and gambling, and healing ceremonies-e.g., Lakota Yuwipi, Navajo chantways, Crow bundle opening. ...

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    ENG 487

    Illinois State, ENG 487

    Excerpt: ... twood, The Handmaids Tale Patricia Chao, The Monkey King Annie Dillard, An American Childhood Louise Erdrich, Love Medicine Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate Fannie Flagg, Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Caf Cristina Garcia, Dreaming in Cuban Shirley Jackson, We Have Always Lived in the Castle Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams Toni Morrison, Beloved Joyce Carol Oates, We Were the Mulvaneys Sheri Reynolds, The Rapture of Canaan Rebecca Wells, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (A Novel) Course Pack (Possible readings include excerpts from: Thoreau, Walden; Woolf, A Room of Ones Own; Anderson, Imagined Communities; Gilbert & Gubar The Madwoman in the Attic; Bhaba The Location of Culture; Radway, Reading the Romance; Hiss, The Experience of Place; Berlant, The Queen of America Goes to Washington City; Pindell, A Good Place to Live Americas Last Migration; Heilbrun Writing a Womans Life; Gillis A World of their Own Making; Keith & Pile (Eds.) Place and the Politics of Ide ...

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    Idaho, WEBPAGES 329

    Excerpt: ... (spiritual power). While medicine can involve a physical agent or property, it always entails a transcendent, spiritual power, the life force. (story, e.g., "brew," and "gift of the eagle feathers") Efficacy in spiritual power, not physical attributes. 4. The Effect: Baalia (to doctor). Medicine alters peoples' lives, bringing health and wellbeing (story, e.g., "nurse's guilt and Sun Dance," "Vietnam bundle"). It is understood as a real and true power, not imaginary, not psychologically based, not based in belief (story, e.g., "woman at Sun Dance"). Pervasively applied: control weather, clairvoyance, control animals, love medicine , war medicine, contests and gambling, and healing ceremonies-e.g., Lakota Yuwipi, Navajo chantways, Crow bundle opening. ...

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    Idaho, WEBPAGES 329

    Excerpt: ... ed to safeguard and promote the health of all Human/Plant/Animal members of the family. Medicine is also used to help control of the weather, in locating lost articles as well as lost people, i.e., clairvoyance, in love medicine , in various contests and gambling, but most importantly, for healing ceremonies. (Story Texts: The Lost Girl, The Stick Game, Basketball and Love Medicine , Navajo Chantways, Crow Bundle Opening) But in this world animated with medicine, with sumesh, this does not suggest a fatalistic, deterministic world. Humans have agency and choice; they can elect to seek and travel the spiritual world or not. (Story Text: John, the Little People and Two Caves) D.6. Efficacy. How does it work? Baaeechichiwaau - re-telling ones own (Crow, referring to the act of telling a story). The continuation of the Indian way of life and of heart knowledge for the future generations is through the sharing of the oral traditions, re-telling ones own. As the place to begin is with the Crea ...

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    American University in Bulgaria, HISTORY 247

    Excerpt: ... Slavina Kiprova, ID#100025647 HTY247a Oral History Interview with My Mother Slavina: Mother, can you tell me more about your background? What did your parents work? Mother: I grew up and lived in Simitli - a small town near Blagoevgrad. At that ti ...

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    Valencia, THE 2930

    Excerpt: ... Whats Love Got To Do With It? HUM 2930 Suggested Bibliography Anders, Nygren. Agape and Eros. Philadelphia: Westminister Press, 1953. Aristotle. Nichomachean Ethics. Buscaglia, Leo. Love. New York: The Ballantine Publishing Group, 1972. Carter, Jim ...

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    Utah State, CS 6890

    Excerpt: ... heapest one first makes more sense as the resources spent are less and I pay less for the decision. I am assuming here that the firm actually pays the cost of the total decision, as when people are reading the paper, they aren't doing other things I need done. 10. The concern is that you can't sell or buy good cars. It hurts both sides. The solution is a warranty or third party opinion. 11. It was reassuring to know that you all felt your college education was useful. I think that is particularly true in the sciences. I can envision cases where that isn't true. Medical school admittance often requires that you apply two years in a row. I'm not sure that the extra year gives you more training as they don't care what you've done in that year. It seems more of a signal that you will love medicine because you didn't give up at the first rejection. ...

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    The Girl in the Flammable Skirt Notes

    U. Houston, ENGL 3354

    Excerpt: ... o go home yet. He turns to look at me. Is that okay? I ask. He gives a little nod. That`s fine, he says, leaning forward to change the channel. So. Game show or the news? Not the news please, I say. He clicks the knob three times over. The game show host looks really old. The shy man puts his elbows on his knees and he starts to call out answers to the trivia questions. I close my eyes and listen to the noise of winning fill the room. In the end, she fails. Fell This Girl Susie is aggressive with Patrick and they go back to his apartment where she sees herself as and man and a woman at the same time (she also sees herself as the masculine). The way we can read her is "the selves." (like from Love Medicine , Jade Cabinet (especially), The New York Trilogy, and Fight Club - possible essay question). - He`s a bad kisser, but he has very fine hands. We`re in the Mission and he happens to live just a few blocks away on Valencia so we go to his room which has curved-out Victorian windows and a bed on the fl ...