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    New Mexico, PS 475

    Excerpt: ... SYLLABUS Pol Sci 475 Professor: Office: Tel.: Email: ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS Dr. Constantine Hadjilambrinos Social Sciences 3010 277-9196 Spring 2006 Office Hours: M 15:15 - 17:15 and by appointment COURSE WEB PAGE: ...

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    Wesleyan, ECON 300

    Excerpt: ... Economics 300: Quantitative Methods in Economics Fall 2007 (SCIE309, TR 2:40 pm - 4:00 pm) Professor Masami Imai Office: PAC 210 E-mail: Office Hours: Monday 3:00-5:00 PM and URL: http:/ by appointment Phone # ...

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    Wesleyan, ECON 300

    Excerpt: ... Economics 300: Quantitative Methods in Economics Fall 2006 (PAC 107, TR 10:30pm-11:50pm) Professor Masami Imai Office: PAC 210 E-mail: Office Hours: Monday 3:00-5:00 PM and URL: http:/ by appointment Phone #: ...

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    TCU, BJONES 20263

    Excerpt: ... pp-lecture The PowerPoint slides in this folder are designed to be used to support lectures on the textbook contents. They include the text figures plus bulleted lists and other slides that reflect the narrative. Some instructors choose to post the ...

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    Illinois Tech, MATH 149

    Excerpt: ... <STUDYGUIDES08C.TXT> {5-9-2008} Math 149 Spring 2008 Final Study Guide, Part III - Chapter 6 Concept Check, p. 378: 1,2,3,4,5 Exercises: 1-6, 7-11, 12-16 Chapter 9 Concept Check, p. 598: 1 Exercises: 1, 3a, 7 ...

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    Cornell, P 653

    Excerpt: ... P 653 Assignment Todays Seminars Announcements out Th 9/13/07 Special pre-makeup lecture this M 9/17, 1:05-2:20 PM, Rockefeller 104. Oce hours: M 9/17, 11-12 AM and (after lec.) 2:45-3:45 PM. Readings Lec. 2.3, Mean-eld theory (also: Yeomans Chapte ...

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    UCSB, PHIL 20B

    Excerpt: ... Philosophy 20B: History of Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy Instructor: Vasilis Tsompanidis E-mail: Office: SH 5714 Hours: T 11:00-12:00; W 11:00-12:00 (and by appointment). Course Website: http:/ ...

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    W. Alabama, PMAT 432

    Excerpt: ... Pure Math 432/632 Mathematical Logic Winter 2003 Topics. Propositional logic, completeness, Post's theorem, resolution. Firstorder logic, models, completeness, compactness. Peano arithmetic, nonstandard models of arithmetic, Gdel's first incompleten ...

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    Georgia Tech, CS 8803

    Excerpt: ... Paper #: 22 of section 5.3 Title: MobiEyes: Distributed Processing of Continuously Moving Queries on Moving Objects in a Mobile System 1. Problems: Continuously Moving Queries have been of research interest in the Location Based Services research community. This paper proposes a distributed approach to handle spatial continuous queries in a highly dynamic mobile environment. The disadvantages with the centralized approach is that the entire load of the processing is concentrated towards to server and hence may lead to a lot of load shedding when the server is overloaded and may drop down the quality of Service. The authors identify the drawbacks with the centralized approach and propose a set of well-formed and clearly stated distributed protocols for processing moving continuous queries. 2. New Ideas and Strengths Firstly, the paper gives a very neat introduction to continuous moving query with a clear model and notations. The paper goes further to explain the issues associated with the server side ...

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    Illinois Tech, MATH 149

    Excerpt: ... <STUDYGUIDES08A.TXT> {5-5-2008} Math 149 Spring 2008 Final Exam Study Guide, Part I - Chapter 3 Review Concept Check, p. 196: 1 - 11 True-False Quiz, p. 196. Exercises: 10,11 & 12-40 - Chapter 4 Review Concept Check, p. 281: 1,2,3,4,5,6, ...

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    UWO, ART 484

    Excerpt: ... 1 Art History Seminar: Art Theory and PracticeART 484 Spring 2007 Dr. Susan Maxwell Class Meets: Office Hours: Contact: Required Books Donald Preziosi, ed., The Art of Art History. A Critical Anthology, Oxford 1998. Marcia Pointon, History of Art ...

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    Moldau Lesson Plan 1

    Penn State, MJH 5156

    Excerpt: ... LessonPlan Date:_ Goals:Focus Topic ToneProduction Objectives Studentswillbeableto playinslurredsections usingenoughbowto produceagoodtone. Techniques&Activities Demonstratecorrectbow usageandhavestudentsplay slurredpassageusingas muchbowasyou.S ...

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    Washington, ARCHY 105

    Excerpt: ... Archy 105. Study-Guide for Mid-Term Exam The mid-term exam, next Tuesday, will be based on all of the material covered so far in this course in lecture-class, in videos, in sections, in web-quizes, and in the assigned readings. Lecture-notes (which ...

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    Georgia Tech, ECE 4000

    Excerpt: ... ECE 4000 - Project Engineering & Professional Practice Professors contact information and office hours: W.R. Callen W-407 Van Leer (404) 894-2919 W 3-4:30 J. L. A. Hughes E-292A Van Leer (404) 894-2975 ...

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    Wisconsin, CS 740

    Excerpt: ... 1 Review The paper propose a fast automated approach for quickly detecting previously unknown worms and viruses based on two key behavioral characteristics - common sequence in the packets, and unique sources generating infections and destinations being targetted. The idea is simple and is to get the count of unique source and destination addresss for each substring, and report substrings with count greater than some threshold as potential worm signatures. While the idea is simple, the challenge is to execute it at high speed. The paper proposes interesting ideas to achieve this. First, only those packets are considered whose content substrings appeared at least some x times. Multi-stage lters were used for this purpose and found to reduce memory footprint dramatically. The paper also propose usage of value sampling to consider fewer substrings to reduce CPU footprint as well. Next, address dispersion is quanitied for such candidate content sub-strings to reduce the false positives. Again, it could be ...

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    Georgia Tech, CS 8803

    Excerpt: ... Paper #: 3 Title: Location Privacy in Pervasive Computing (1) Problems With pervasive computing applications becoming more and more popular, location privacy, as one particular type of particular information privacy, has intrigued a lot of research ...