Documents about Parasitic Capacitance

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    Berkeley, EE 141

    Excerpt: ... How to extract parasitic capacitance ? Please refer to lab3 tutorial extraction section. To extract the parasitic capacitance , click on the "Set Switches" and select Extract_parasitic_caps as shown below. That is the only difference from the tutorial in lab 3. Note that capacitance under 2fF is ignored. Then just follow the lab 3 tutorial on how to get the netlist. ...

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    University of Florida, EEL 5225

    Excerpt: ... EEL5225: Principles of MEMS Transducers (Fall 2003) Instructor: Dr. Hui-Kai Xie Accelerometers Capacitive Position Sensing Circuits for Capacitive Sensing ADI Capacitive Accelerometers Other MEMS Accelerometers Reading: Senturia, Chapter 19, p.497-530 Note: Most of figures in this lecture are copied from Senturia, Microsystem Design, Chapter 19. EEL5225: Principles of MEMS Transducers (Fall 2003) Lecture 33 by 11/24/2003 1 H.K. Xie 11/24/2003 Capacitive Position Sensing Capacitive Position Sensing MEMS Capacitive Sensors: High impedance Small sensing capacitance Very small signal Parasitic capacitance Noise 11/24/2003 EEL5225: Principles of MEMS Transducers (Fall 2003) 2 Differential Capacitive Sensing V0 = Vs + = C1 ( 2Vs ) C1 + C2 C1 C2 Vs C1 + C2 Differential Capacitive Sensing First order cancellation of many effects Temperature variations Common mode rejection 11/24/2003 EEL5225: Principles of MEMS Transducers (Fall 2003) 3 Circuits for Capacitive Sensing Interf ...

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    W. Alabama, ECE 637

    Excerpt: ... ECE 637 Integrated VLSI Circuits Introduction EE141 Introduction 1 Course Details Instructor Mohab Anis; Text Digital Integrated Circuits, Jan Rabaey, Prentice Hall, 2nd edition Grading Project 35%, Presentation 15%, Final 50% EE141 Introduction 2 Course Outline Introduction this lecture (1) Diode (3) Static behavior; Parasitic capacitance s and dynamic behavior; Secondary effects & SPICE model MOS Transistor (6) Static behavior; Parasitic capacitance s and dynamic behavior; Short channel effects; scaling; SPICE MOS models; Process variations & process impact MOS Inverter (7) Properties; Static behavior; Dynamic behavior; Power, energy consumption and power-delay, energy-delay products; Layout considerations/design rules EE141 Introduction 3 Course Outline (Contd.) Combinational Circuits (8) Implementation styles - static, ratioed, pass transistor; CPL, dynamic logic ; Signal integrity issues in dynamic circuits; Cascading dynamic circuits; Low power, high performanc ...