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    UCLA, CHEM 14b

    Excerpt: ... iples: The Quest for Insight, 2nd edition, by Peter Atkins & Loretta Jones (includes solution manual ); and Organic Chemistry, 3rd edition, by Paula Bruice (includes solution manual and model building kit) are full of helpful figures and diagrams and are good texts. Enjoy. Each week you should: Page through the required readings to become familiar with the contents, then read through the material. Attend the lectures. Attend the discussion groups, and reread your lecture notes and the required readings making sure you understand the concepts and at the same time working through the text examples. Do the homework assignments. In addition to the textbook examples you also have the required Solutions Manual which has all the odd numbered questions worked out in detail. Go through them. Remember the Special Bonus: Each of the three exams will include one question that will be taken from your Student's Solutions Manual. So it is very much in your interest to work through these questions. ...

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    Cornell, H ADM 121

    Excerpt: ... Chapter 9 Reporting and Interpreting Liabilities ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS 1. Liabilities are obligations that result from transactions that require future payment of assets or the future performance of services, that are definite in amount or are subjec ...

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    Cal Poly, ME 212

    Excerpt: ... Homework 4 Hints Note: Figure 2/21 on page 110 is a very good diagram for review purpose. 2.137. Since r = 40 mm/s constant, r = 0 v = 50 mm/s; a = 112 mm/s2 (Note that Solution Manual incorrectly gives a = 5 mm/s2). 2.149. From h, you can calculate r. Notice a = 0 ar = 0 and a = 0 . 2.161. Decompose v and a in r coordinates. ...

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    Georgia Tech, ME 3720

    Excerpt: ... ME 3720 B Introduction to Fluid and Thermal Engineering (Due February 11, 2008 in class) Homework #4 Please solve following problems: (1) Problem 5.12 (2) Problem 5.22 (3) Problem 5.33 (change all units to SI units first and then solve the problem) (4) Problem 5.58 (5) Problem 5.63 Note: 1. Copying a solution manual is a violation of honor code. 2. Please write down detailed derivation steps in your answer. ...