Documents about Spatial Scales

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    N.C. State, MEA 444

    Excerpt: ... CLASS: MLK Jr. holiday basic forecast process and briefing overview; Dr. P briefs in-class lab exercise; Dr. P briefs NO CLASS Q&A on lab with Ben, finish lab in class; Dr. P out of town regular class; student briefings begin regular class; student briefing in-class lab; student briefing This is a class about phenomena and processes viewed through the lens of dynamical understanding applied to analysis and forecasting The primary emphasis is on the mesoscale. Lower troposphere Middle-upper troposphere Temporal and spatial scales of atmospheric phenomena Orlanski's definition of scales for atmospheric motion Definitions of scales from various historical authors Kinetic energy as a function of scale (Vinnichenko) This class: Atmospheric phenomena sorted in terms of Rossby number Much of what we call "the weather" actually has mesoscale structure "synoptic UVVs" "mesoscale radar structures" ...