Documents about Systems And Signals

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    USC, EE 352

    Excerpt: ... EE 352 Homework 1 Spring '07 Redekopp Name: _SOLUTIONS_ Due: Thurs. Jan. 24th in class Note: Attach all work to receive full credit Score: _ 1.) Architecture Overview: Study the Lecture 1 slides posted on blackboard under CourseDocuments and answer ...

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    University of Michigan, COMM 101

    Excerpt: ... Semiotics: Some key ideas Linguistics: study of language and its systems Sign/Signifier: any object/word/smell/sight/sound that means Signified: what the sign comes to mean Saussere: Swiss linguist, father of modern linguistics langue: structure of ...

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    USC, EE 101

    Excerpt: ... EE 101 Homework 1 Fall 08 Redekopp Name: _ Due: Thurs. Sept. 4th in class Score: _ Show work to get full credit. Remember, use on only one side of the paper and staple them together. Only use a calculator to CHECK your work, not to DO your work. Le ...

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    Electrical Engineering Subdivisions (Text CH1)

    Hudson VCC, EE 100

    Excerpt: ... Electrical Engineering Subdivisions (Text CH1) Communication systems Computer systems Control systems Electromagnetics Instrumentation Electronics Photonics Power systems Signal processing Sensor Computer System includes Intelligent Machin ...