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    Microsoft PowerPoint - 3 Maps Lab 1 Week 3

    Cal Poly Pomona, ARC 424

    Excerpt: ... Maps Lab 3 Week 3 How many maps can there be in life ? A Lot . Types of Maps of Interest for Lateral Loads ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Wind Speed Aerial Photographs Topographic Geologic Soils Demographic Road Isoseismal Epicentral Liquefaction Landslide 1 Where to Get Maps? ! USGS ! CDMG ! UBC ! Local Blueprint Shops City/County GP Elements ! The Web ! FEMA ! Private Companies (i.e., ESRI) Wind Speed from 1997 UBC 2 Aerial Photographs . all photos from The school is in the circle This is a sequence of aerial photographs that shows a school that I designed in Joshua Tree, CA This photograph is a 64M photograph . this means that you can recognize objects that are 64M in size 32M Photograph The Black Spot inside the circle is Friendly Hills Elementary School 3 16M Photograph 8M Photograph 4 4M Photograph 2M Photograph 5 1M Photograph Friendly Hills from the Ground 6 Topographic ! Most Common . USGS = United States Geological Survey Myth . USGS Topographic Maps ...

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    North Texas, CKM 001

    Excerpt: ... LAB SCHEDULE DATE JAN 15 22 29 FEB 5 12 19 26 MAR 4 11 18 25 April 1 8 15 22 29 TOPIC LAB 1. The Science in Earth Science LAB 2. Location: Grid Systems LAB 3. Location: Topographic Maps LAB 4. Earth-Sun Relationships LAB 5. Solar Radiation and Heating LAB 6. Weather Observation LAB 7. Weather Model Midterm Review MIDTERM SPRING BREAK LAB 8. Rocks and Minerals of North Texas and Southern Oklahoma LAB 9. Plate Tectonics LAB 10. Soils and Vegetation in North-Central Texas LAB 11. Fluvial Processes FINAL REVIEW FINAL LAB EXAM 6 NO LAB. LECTURE FINAL EXAMS (NOTE: Check the schedule for Lecture Final Exam time and room number) ...

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    map contouring acitivity

    Ill. Chicago, EAES 102

    Excerpt: ... Maps: A Visualization Tool Name: Lab Section: Activity 2: Contour Maps Date: 1. Reading a contour map follows a few simple rules that apply to all these types of maps. Because most people have a feel for topography, determining the rules of contour ...

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    New Hampshire, ESST 2008

    Excerpt: ... Topographic Maps and Google Earth We will use this topographic map here: http:/ You can download (FREE) digital topographic maps via the USGS locator: http:/ A primer on interpreting topographic maps is here: http:/ Part 1. General topographic map questions for a start: 1. 2. 3. 4. What is the contour interval for this map (this is generally listed in the legend)? What is the scale of this map (1:100,000, etc.)? What are the most striking topographic features of this map? To what distance do the grids correspond on this topographic map? Part 2. Incorporating Google Earth Here are a few tips. Launch Google Earth from the Programs Menu, the icon is a blueswirled white sphere. To move around on the screen, the command station is at the upper right hand corner: Slide here to tilt the view Spin around this wheel To change the vantage point of the image Zoom in or out 1. Revisit the most strikin ...

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    Clemson, UNIT 5

    Excerpt: ... SOUTH CAROLINA STUDIES 5; Day 5 THEME = RESOURCES OF THE COASTAL PLAIN H Unit SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON TITLE: Reclaiming and Restoring Mining Sites OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to compare and contrast reclaimed and abandoned quarry sites. PRIMARY ...

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    Virginia Tech, LIB 01052005

    Excerpt: ... Appendix B: Topographic map of research plots 74 Figure B-1: Topographic map of the research area selected for rainfall simulations at the Prices Fork Research Farm, Blacksburg, VA. 75 ...

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    East Los Angeles College, GEOG 5891

    Excerpt: ... e location of the features within a data set. Thematic Dimension: describes the real world feature(s) to which the data relate. Temporal Dimension: represents a record of when it was recorded and hence its timeliness for the GIS application. The sources may also be analogue (paper) or digital (computer) maps, values or recorded occurrences. 1 Existing Analogue and Digital Maps Let's start off by looking at topographic maps . These contain a range of different features, e.g. height, contours, land cover, boundaries and textual information. The topographic map provided in Figure 1 is produced by the UK Ordnance Survey and shows many different features in a small area of Wales such as contour lines, buildings, place names, roads, forested areas, etc. Figure 1: A topographic map showing an area in Wales. Reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey Crown Copyright. NC/03/16495. Principles of GIS Unit 2 1 We generally start off with a topographic map and then move to a thematic map such as that shown ...

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    Berkeley, EPS 3ALEPS 50

    Excerpt: ... GreggIrving 020407 EPS50 GeologicTimeLabReport Introduction: Geologictimeisascaleusedtocompareandcontrasteventsthathaveoccurred duringthehistoryoftheEarthandtheuniverse.Withtheuseofthisscale,geologistscan dividehistoryintoeras,periods,epochs,amongoth ...

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    Carnegie Mellon, MATH 259

    Excerpt: ... Math 259 Recitation Handout 3: Contour Plots and Surfaces in 3D Winter 2009 The purpose of today's activity will be to learn to use a tool (called a contour plot or contour diagram) to visualize the graphs of functions like: z = g( x, y ) = x 3 " ...

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    260Churchland 139-145

    Virgin Islands, PHIL 260

    Excerpt: ... CHURCHLAND pp. 139-45 1) INTERNAL ORGANIZATION (139-42) i) Descending control & plasticity [plasticity of perception] (139) ii) Association areas (tertiary cortex) [where the action is] (139-42) - basic 3-part division of brain: sensory, motor, assoc ...

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    Washington, MATH 126

    Excerpt: ... Worksheet 6 Math 126 (best if discussed in small groups) This worksheet gives an example of estimating a double integral by Riemann sums, and shows the benefit of using linearity. 1. Figure 1 is a (somewhat crude) topographical map of Mt. St. Helen ...

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    UCLA, ESS 10

    Excerpt: ... oscopy to detect the presence of minerals, and atmospheric composition and structure MOLA (Mars Laser Altimeter) Bounces laser beam off the surface to determine global topography, surface roughness and clouds MAG (Magnetometer) Measures magnetic fields from orbit . MOLA's laser failed in June, 2001, TES partially failed in 2004 MGS Results: MOLA Topographic Maps MOLA's main result is a complete and detailed topographic map of Mars The maps can be used to identify surface features, study geomorphology (the shapes of features and the processes that produced them), determining absolute altitudes (for selecting landing sites), and as basemaps for registering other datasets MOLA Mid-latitude Topographic Map Smooth low, lightly cratered northern plains Rough high, heavily cratered southern highlands High volcanoes in equatorial Tharsis Montes and Elysium Deep impact basins in Hellas and Argyre and Isidus Evidence of outflow channels emptying into Chryse Planitia MOLA Polar Topographic Map ...

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    JMU, GEOL 301

    Excerpt: ... Geol 301 Spring 2007 Visualizing the Earth: Topography and Topographic Maps Concepts and Terms: Visualizing 3D in 2D Contour Interval Contour lines Gradient Index Contours Latitude and Longitude Profiles Relief Rule of "Vs" Scale Vertical exaggeration Finding Topographic Map and other visualization of the Earth Part 1. Hands-on model topography map in 3D Together we will build a 3-D model of a 2-D map of a 3-D surface. How is that for going full circle! Before we begin examine the map. On it are several contour lines. Points on any particular contour line is the same elevation as any other points on that same line. Thus the spatial distribution of labeled contour lines can display the lay of the land the different highs and lows in the landscape. 1. Describe the landscape (shape of the land) of this region just based on the map alone. 2. Let's model this to see what the landscape looks like in 3D. Describe the landscape now with the 3D model. 3. We will put thicker spacers in our mo ...