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    Fast Food Vending Machine

    ASU, ECE 300

    Excerpt: ... Team members Michael Germain Jeevan Randhawa Petrus Pretorius Fast Food Vending Machine Idea: Fast Food Vending Machine Goal: Provide fast food quality meals from an automated cooking and vending machine . Approach: Study the already existent comparative products in other countries and then redesign them to incorporate in American society. Obstacles include meeting health standards and fresh tasting food. Any Questions? ...

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    Design Examples

    Naval Academy, EE 242

    Excerpt: ... Design Examples Traffic Controller Traffic Controller Vending Machine Vending Machine Vending Machine ...

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    W. Alabama, CS 343

    Excerpt: ... CS 343 Winter 2009 Assignment 6 Instructor: Peter Buhr Due Date: Sunday, April 5, 2009 at 23:55 Late Date: NO LATE March 28, 2009 This assignment introduces tasks with public members, direct communication and high-level techniques for structuring complex interactions among tasks (versus monitor and semaphore structuring approaches). Use it to become familiar with these new facilities and make sure you use these concepts in your assignment solution. WATCola is renown for its famous line of healthy soda pop, which come in the dazzling array of avours: Blues Black-Cherry, Classical Cream-Soda, Rock Root-Beer, and Jazz Lime. The company recently won the bid to provide soda to vending machine s on campus. The vending machine s are periodically restocked by a WATCola truck making deliveries from the local bottling plant. This assignment simulates a simple concession service using the objects and relationships in Figure 1. (Not all possible communication paths are shown in the diagram.) Vending Machine Stud ...

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    Iowa State, CPRE 483

    Excerpt: ... NAME:_ SECTION:_ POINTS:_ CprE 483 Hardware/Software Integration Lab 3: Finite State Machines ( Vending Machine Controller) 1.0 Objective The goal of this laboratory exercise is to help students to be familiar with the design of finite state machines in VHDL. In addition, the student will become familiar with the Flex10k device since the finite state machine (FSM) will be downloaded and tested in hardware. 1.1 Prelab Exercise For the preliminary part of this lab, you should become familiar with finite state machines and their implementation in VHDL (read appropriate sections of the course-works and/or digital design textbooks such as CprE 210 or CprE 305). There are three parts to the prelab. First, you should read the rest of this lab description thoroughly. Second, you should neatly draw an ASM (Algorithmic State Machine) chart for your design of the vending machine controller. The third part of the prelab is to actually design the se ...

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    Villanova, CSC 1051

    Excerpt: ... Fall 2004 CSC 1051 Instructor: Lewis Programming Project #8: Vending Machine Due: Monday, November 1 at 8:00 pm This project is intended to: Provide practice implementing classes that represent objects. Provide practice with basic conditional statements. Implement the Java application described below. Submit the Java source files by the due date and time using the submission web site. Follow all coding and documentation guidelines. Be sure to name your files correctly. File names:,,, and Write a class called VendingMachine that represents a vending machine that sells three products: Double Blow Bubble Gum, Texas BBQ Potato Chips, and Aunt Ann's Chocolate Chip Cookies. Include the following instance data about a vending machine : Three Dispenser objects, one for each product One CashManager object A vending machine provides the following services: depositCoin accepts an integer representing a coin amount purchase accepts an int ...

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    Allan Hancock College, CITS 4221

    Excerpt: ... The University of Western Australia School of Computer Science & Software Engineering Formal Methods in Software Engineering (CITS4221) Lecture Notes 4: Writing Z-Specifications. An introduction to schema calculus and its use in simplifying Zspecifications. We also examine promotion and robustness of specifications Concepts: Formal Description of a Schema o Schemas as types and predicates o Renaming o Theta notation The Schema Calculus o Operators o Initialization Schema o Information hiding Example: A vending machine o Using data structures in specifications o Using schema calculus to decompose specifications Promotion o Writing Robust Specifications o BirthdayBook example continued Coverage of Preconditions o Writing Robust Specifications o BirthdayBook example continued Tips on writing good specifications References: Woodcock and Davies: Chapters 11-13 Spivey: Chapter 5 Diller: Chapter 8. ...

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    Allan Hancock College, TAB 2004163

    Excerpt: ... 2004 THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY FOR THE AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY TOBACCO ( VENDING MACHINE BAN) AMENDMENT BILL 2004 EXPLANATORY STATEMENT Circulated by the authority of Roslyn Dundas MLA Authorised by the ACT Parliamentary Counsel-also accessible at [Page Break] Overview The objective of this Bill is to prohibit the use of vending machine s for the purpose of selling tobacco products in the Territory. The Bill has been tabled in response to concern that cigarette vending machine s remain a common source of tobacco products for minors, and also to accompany the Territory's prohibition on smoking in enclosed public places. The Bill avoids administrative difficulties by ensuring that the Act commences at the same t ...

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    Cal Poly, CSC 231

    Excerpt: ... er pieces (functions). Brute Force Design Method Q: How do you design a race car when you only have - and -inch tubing? A: The Tipo 61 Maserati Birdcage. The Maserati Birdcage The New Maserati Birdcage Dashboard Detail Another Example of Brute Force (Allegedly true) Some time after Werner von Braun surrendered his team and documents to the Americans, they asked him why the fins on the V2 were the size they were. His answer was that this was as large as they could be and still fit through the German railroad tunnels on railroad cars. Functional Picture, Vending Functional Picture, ATM Path and Functions Remember This? The reason you want to select the Change Directory button is that you really do want MATLAB to start searching in your csc231 directory, rather than adding it to the long path. Functional Decomposition We look at the whole picture, for example, a vending machine . We start to divide the problem (program) down into smaller and smaller pieces. We implement each piece as a fun ...

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    Toledo, ECO 220

    Excerpt: ... 1.4)2 = 0.24 COV[X,Y] = 0.4(1 1.5)(1 1.4) + 0.1(1 1.5)(2 1.4) + 0.2(2 1.5)(1 1.4) + 0.3(2 1.5)(2 1.4) = 0.1 V[X + Y] = 0.25 + 0.24 + 2*0.1 = 0.69 0.690.5 = 0.83; The s.d. of total sales per month is 0.83 sales. ECO220 Mid-Term Test (June 29, 2005) (2) Page 3 of 5 (a) The population contains an observation for each high school student, where the actual number of caffeinated soft drinks that each purchases in a day from any vending machine on school property is recorded. This population would have a discrete distribution because the number of caffeinated soft drinks that a high school student could potentially purchase in a day is: 0, 1, 2, 3, up to some maximum that is not very large (can certainly be no more than the capacity of the vending machine s). This population would have the property that there would be a large number of 0s (students that dont purchase) and lots of students buying 1 or maybe 2 drinks. Given that the number of successes (purchasing a d ...

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    Allan Hancock College, CITS 4221

    Excerpt: ... Each coin has a value. the vending machine contains a number of each product and a number of each coin. Coins are entered one by one. A Z schema for a vending machine Tim French. August 21, 2006 This document presents a simple Z specication of a vending machine . This example is adapted from the example presented in [1]. This example is intended to illustrate the use of the Z schema calculus and data structures in presenting readable schemas. Also this document (or at least its source) demonstrates the use of Latex to typeset Z specications. The source le for the document, Vending.tex uses the style le zed-csp.sty written by Jim Davies. To compile this document: 1. Access a computer with Latex installed on it (for example all Linux machines in the schools labs.) 2. Place Vending.tex and zed-csp.sty into the same directory. 3. At the command line type pdflatex Vending 4. A typeset pdf le should appear in the current directory. This document demonstrates some aspects of Z notation. ...

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    Michigan State University, PHY 440

    Excerpt: ... Problem HH8.31 Consider the vending machine described by the state diagram in problem HH8.30. Good vending machine s give change. Redraw the state diagram so that there are states (how many?) for each possible amount of change. Modify the transition rules accordingly. Make sure your modified vending machine still does its primary job dispensing bottles. ...

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    Ill. Chicago, ECE 465

    Excerpt: ... 1 ECE 465, Spring 2009, Instructor: Prof. Shantanu Dutt Homework 3 : Due Thurs, April 23 1. Obtain a state-transition diagram for a Mealy FSM for a vending machine controller with the following specifications: It dispenses gum for 15 cents and accepts nickels, dimes and quarters inserted one at a time. Three sensors detect which type of coin has been inserted and a 4-to-2 encoder converts the 3 outputs of the sensor into a 2-bit input to the FSM ( means no coins inserted, = 01 means a nickel inserted, = 10 means a dime inserted, and = 11 means a quarter inserted). It returns change; assume that the user will not put in more then a total of 25 cents and that the amount of change to be returned is always available. Three outputs are required from the FSM, one is "OPEN" for controlling coin return (= 00 for no change, = 01 for for dispensing gum and the other two 5 cents change, = 10 for 10 cents change). Draw a clear block diagram of the system (see, e.g., the block diagram of the simpler vending machine syst ...

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    Allan Hancock College, TAB 2004163

    Excerpt: ... 2004 THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY FOR THE AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (As presented) (Ms Roslyn Dundas) Tobacco ( Vending Machine Ban) Amendment Bill 2004 Contents Page Part 1 Preliminary 1 Name of Act 2 2 Commencement 2 3 Legislation amended 2 Part 2 Tobacco Act 1927 4 Legislation amended-pt 2 3 5 New section 2B ...

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    Theory of Organization Study Guide Final

    Virginia Tech, ISE 4004

    Excerpt: ... anges they can reset production standards o Grievances filed for not increasing salaries of the few women that complained o Company never showed, so Torg performed ex-parte and rewarded employees Example: Cafeteria Closing at Union Plant o Employees perform 3, 8 hour shifts o Open cafeteria in contract Reduces to 7 hr work, 1 30 min. break and 2 15 min. breaks o Close cafeteria due to the addition of vending machine s o Grievances filed b/c having a cafeteria was stated in contract Want to use as bargainship for "battles" later on o Due to union accepting the vending machine s, it was legal to close cafeteria Final Notes: "Listen more and speak less" o Youll get a lot more accomplished Make a point of thanking people if they do a good job o Do it in writing, more personal o In organization you collect complaints but very rarely receive thank-yous Watch out for arrogance if moving up in an organization o Stay the way you were before the climb up the ladder There are no secrets in an organization, all informati ...

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    Allan Hancock College, DODAB 2004259

    Excerpt: ... 2004 THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY FOR THE AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (As presented) (Minister for Health) Drugs of Dependence (Syringe Vending Machine s) Amendment Bill 2004 Contents Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Name of Act Commencement Legislation amended New division 7.1 heading Section 85 Section 93 heading Section 93 New division 7.2 Part 12 New schedule 6 Schedulesrenumbering 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 7 8 12 2004 044B Authorised by the ACT Parliamentary Counselalso accessible at 2004 THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY FOR THE AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (As presented) (Minister for Health) Drugs of Dependence (Syringe Vending Machine s) Amendment Bill 2004 A Bill for An Act to amend the Drugs of Dependence Act 1989 in relation to syringe vending machine s, and for other purposes The Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory enacts as follows: 2004 044B Authorised by the ACT Parliamentary Counselalso accessible at Section 1 1 2 3 4 ...

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    Utah, EE 3720

    Excerpt: ... CS/EE 3720 Spring 2005 Myers Handout #3 LAB #3: Vending Machine Lab writeup is due to your TA at the beginning of your next scheduled lab. Dont put this o to the last minute! There is pre-lab work to complete before the start of the next lab. NO LATE LAB REPORTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. 1 Objectives Use the parallel I/O functions of the 68HC11. Learn about usage of FSM abstraction in assembly. Design a vending machine . 2 Reading Read section 2.4 about FSM abstraction Read section 3.4.2 about accurate time delays. 3 Background In this lab, you will use the parallel I/O ports on the 68HC11 to design a vending machine . In this lab, you are going to design a simple vending machine that accepts nickels and dimes only. It vends candy when the total amount of change received is 15 cents. If it receives too much money, it will vend the candy plus change. There are two inputs switches. One indicates that a nickel is detected and another indicates that a dime is detected. There precise meani ...

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    Allan Hancock College, CITS 4221

    Excerpt: ... Formal Methods Lecture Schedule. Lecture 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Break 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Extending Specifications Extending Specifications cont. Converting Specs to Code Converting Specs to Code Refinement and Proof Refinement and Proof Real time distributed systems Real time distributed systems Automated Formal Methods Automated Formal Methods Revision Revision 12. Revision. Project due 30% 11. Project discussion and help. 10. Real time distributed systems Model Checking MC Tute 5% 9. Refining Specifications into Code. 8. Specification Tute Spec Tute 5% 7. Vending Machine Tute Project hand out Topic Introduction-What are FM's Discussion of safety critical systems Predicate transformers and weakest precondition Assignmant operation Alternative operation Iteration operation Proving a loop works Identifying invariants Developing invariants and bounds Procedures and parameters Program transformations Eliminating recursion Introduction to Z Z notation and use 6. Sigrid Tute Z (Specifica ...