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Ohio State - ECON 570
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    School: Ohio State


    Economics 570: Government and Business MW, 1:30 3:18, Scott Lab 54 Spring 2008 Instructor: Matt Lewis Office: 419 Arps Office Phone: 292-0480 E-mail: mlewis@econ.ohio-state.edu Course Website: http:/economics.sbs.ohio-state.edu/mlewis/Courses/570/in

  • 36 Pages Halverson transcript
    Halverson Transcript

    School: Ohio State

    Course: Govt And Business 05

    INTERVIEW OF DR. WILLIAM HALVERSON JANUARY 20, 2004 Q. Im William J. Studer, Director of OSU Libraries Emeritus, here today, January 20, 2004, to interview Dr. William Halverson, who served as Associate Dean of University College from 1967 through 19

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