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Cornell - HIST 402

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  • 2 Pages Paper2

    School: Cornell

    Course: Introduction To West Civ

    Paper Two Hist 151 4-6 pages 1. Compare and contrast the concept of the effective ruler in The Prince with that in The Treasure of the City of Ladies. Your essay must include a discussion of the ways in which the authors legitimate and justify these

  • 2 Pages notepad for fifth essay
    Notepad For Fifth Essay

    School: Cornell

    Course: Theories Of World History

    Kant would answer by explaining the nature's intent for men. Fukuyama would use the idea of Hegel, a successor of Kant, to answer the question. Both authors' philosophical ideas are weakly supported with lack of facts. While neither one of these authors a

  • 5 Pages EubinHahn_MidtermEssay

    School: Cornell

    Course: Machiavelli

    Eubin Hahn Midterm Paper 10/18/2012 Fortune, a Phantom Machiavelli meticulously examines for his readers how Renaissance Italy's numerous political leaders struggle with Fortune. One struggle, however, is Machiavelli's own: he appears not to have much for

  • 2 Pages Paper topic 1
    Paper Topic 1

    School: Cornell

    Course: MODERN EURO

    Katherine DiPastina HIST 1511 Professor Weil 1/25/12 Paper Topic 1 Limits on power of medieval kings 1. According to Pope Boniface VIII a. If you dont recognize the catholic church, then you are not a real king a.i. Power, land can be taken away from you

  • 8 Pages history 366 final exam
    History 366 Final Exam

    School: Cornell


    Final Exam A. The apartheid government in South Africa was formed after the Second World War. Even when the government first implemented its policy of apartheid, they had difficulty pinpointing the true nature of what they truly meant by the word

  • 2 Pages 371 Final
    371 Final

    School: Cornell


    Liberation attempts to offer its viewers a fuller perspective on the second world war by interweaving the politics, war strategy, combat, genocide, racism, and international relations of the time into a two-hour film. This bold attempt does give the

  • 5 Pages Study Questions for Final Exam - hist 313
    Study Questions For Final Exam - Hist 313

    School: Cornell

    Course: US FOREIGN RELATIONS,1750-1912

    Study Questions for Final Exam: Part 1: ID Part 2: Chronology Part 3: Short Essay on either Fighting for American Manhood, Ideology and US Foreign Policy, or a comparison of both. Hunt: Ideology and US Foreign Policy: 1) Coming to Terms with Ideolog

  • 6 Pages 371F_07Final_Exam

    School: Cornell


    Cornell University History 371 World War II in Europe Final Examination History Department Fall 2007 Pg 1 of 5 Always specify which question you are answering. Those choosing the take-home option should write a 4- or 5-page answer for each questi

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