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  • 28 Pages answer-assign9

    School: Colorado

    Course: Microeconomics

    Economics 7010-001 Fall 2008 Problem Set 9 Solutions 1. Consider the following utility function: L u (x ) = A x l l l =1 L where X = + , A > 0 , and ( 1 , K, L ) > 0 . a. Derive the consumers Walrasian demand and indirect utility functions. Step 1: Existe

  • 7 Pages econ Fall mid term 2
    Econ Fall Mid Term 2

    School: Colorado


    Fall, 2001 Principles of Microeconomics Phil Graves U. of Colorado EC2010 Second Midterm, V.1 Directions: There is one best answer to each question, after reading all answers; remember that a multiple choice question is just a series of T-F questions

  • 5 Pages Sample test
    Sample Test

    School: Colorado


    The most fundamental assumption of economic theory of those below is that: a. There is no difference between rational and irrational behavior. b. Individuals chose those actions, from among the actions available, that they think will yield them the highes

  • 11 Pages ECON 2010 Midterm 2
    ECON 2010 Midterm 2

    School: Colorado

    Course: Principles Of Microeconomics

    ECON 2010-050 Principle of Microeconomics Midterm 2 October 31st 2013 Version A Take a deep breath and relax. Every question can be answered with knowledge we learnt from the lecture. There are altogether 30 multiple choice questions. Please indicate your

  • 2 Pages Measuring a Nation's Income
    Measuring A Nation's Income

    School: Colorado


    Macroeconomics Measuring A Nation's Income Macroeconomics: the study of economy-wide phenomena including inflation (pie symbol), unemployment, and economic growth Gross Domestic Product: The market value of all final goods and services produced withi

  • 5 Pages Outline 1
    Outline 1

    School: Colorado


    Professor Akacem Money and Banking Unit One: Outline 1 Definitions, Role of Money, Financial Markets and Financial Intermediation Chapter 1, 2 and 3 I. Introduction: a. Overview of the issues in the money and banking field b. Where the U.S. banking s

  • 9 Pages Macro Exam 2 Key
    Macro Exam 2 Key

    School: Colorado


    Econ 3080-002 Exam 2 Name_ 2 3 Circle the second short answer questions you want graded. (Question 1 is required): Instructions: You have 50 minutes to complete the exam. There are 9 multiple choice questions worth 3 pts each for 27 total and 3 sh

  • 36 Pages 3070_PSet-3_Solutions

    School: Colorado

    Course: ECON STAT

    Economics 3070-008 Spring 2008 Problem Set 3 Solutions 1. Each day Peter, who is in the third grade, eats lunch at school. He only likes liver ( L) and onions (N), and these provide him a utility of U L, N ln LN . Liver costs $4.00 per serving, o

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