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PHIL 322 - University Of Alaska Fairbanks Study Resources
  • 1 Page Debate Opening
    Debate Opening

    School: University Of Alaska Fairbanks

    Wealthy nations should not adopt a lifeboat ethics in the case of world hunger. Feeding poor nations which have high population growth may cause a population surge, but we argue that this can be a short term consequence, and with more aid, can be bro

  • 2 Pages PHIL322 - Reflection 1
    PHIL322 - Reflection 1

    School: University Of Alaska Fairbanks

    Erik Gregg PHIL 322X Reaction 1 Considering the readings, I was faced with a decision between Consequentialism, Deontological theory, and Virtue ethics. I ruled out virtue ethics almost immediately because I do not live by a strict set of virtues an

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