• 39 Pages karel-the-robot-learns-java

    School: Stanford

    KAREL THE ROBOT LEARNS JAVA Eric Roberts Department of Computer Science Stanford University September 2005 Chapter 1 Introducing Karel the Robot In the 1970s, a Stanford graduate student named Rich Pattis decided that it would be easier to teach th

  • 1 Page find range code
    Find Range Code

    School: Stanford

    Course: CS106

    /* * File: FindRange.java * -* This program is a stub for the FindRange problem, which finds the * smallest and largest values in a list of integers. */ import acm.program.*; public class FindRange extends ConsoleProgram cfw_ public void run() cfw_ / This

  • 3 Pages 06-C++-Strings

    School: Stanford

    Course: Programming

    CS106X Handout 06 January 5th, 2011 Winter 2011 C+ Strings Original handout written by Neal Kanodia, with help from Steve Jacobson. C+ Strings One of the most useful data types supplied in the C+ libraries is the string. A string is a variable that stores

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