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  • 2 Pages English - Journal 3, 2nd 9 wks (Ascher; On Compassion)
    English - Journal 3, 2nd 9 Wks (Ascher; On Compassion)

    School: UNC

    English Journal 3 On Compassion, Ascher 1 (2). What is Ascher's thesis? What is her purpose? Ascher expresses the idea that compassion is not a trait one is born with, rather it is a quality learned through adverse experiences. Aschers purpose in this wri

  • 4 Pages Chem_101_syllabus (1)
    Chem_101_syllabus (1)

    School: UNC

  • 1 Page RP 1
    RP 1

    School: UNC

    Kayla Corriher Characterization of Theodore In The Castle of Otranto, Theodore slowly develops into the primary protagonist of the novel. Theodore, previously named as young peasant, offers help wherever he senses that he can be of assistance. He offers i

  • 2 Pages RP4

    School: UNC

    KaylaCorriher AnAssertiveCatherine In Jane Austens Northanger Abbey, Catherine defiles the submissive woman stereotypeimbedded inGothicliterature. TheusualGothic womenportray apassive characterthatiseasilypersuadedbythemencharactersinthenovel.Catherineenj

  • 1 Page RP2

    School: UNC

    Kayla Corriher Humanization of the Supernatural In Oscar Wildes The Canterville Ghost, Wilde attributes the Canterville Ghost with human qualities. The Ghost exhibits emotions and job-like obligations through actions, words, and thoughts. Wildes humanizat

  • 1 Page RP3

    School: UNC

    KaylaCorriher FramingofaNovel Iamnotveryfondofthisnovel,howeverIdothinkShelleysframingofthe novel.ShelleyframesthenovelbytellingthestorytoMrs.Savillethroughlettersby RobertWalton,whothenlearnedthisstoryfromVictorFrankenstein,wholatertalks throughanaccount

  • 1 Page RP 5
    RP 5

    School: UNC

    Kayla Corriher Biblical Analogies In Young Goodman Brown, the elderly man that leads Brown deep into the woods reminds me of the snake in the Bible that lead Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The elderly man persuades Brown

  • 21 Pages Nichols How Describe Modes
    Nichols How Describe Modes

    School: UNC

    Course: Documentary Fi

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