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The HIST department at UNC features a variety of courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

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HIST - UNC Study Resources
  • UNC
  • Staff, -, Hunt, Christopher Lee, GLATHAAR, Burns, Kram, Fred Naiden, Miguel La Serna, OWRE, CHAD BRYANT, ANDREWS, Kramer, KATZ, Lee, HUNZIKER, WATSON, Bullard, Leloudis, Cobb, Saiki, Turner, BROWNING, Dr. Matthew Andrews, BRUNDAGE, Jons, Kasson, David Palmer, WOLF, Karmaer, Konrad H. Jarausch, Harper, Emily Baran, Duvall, Lotchkin , Caddell, Cassen, Klaus Larres, SHIELDS, Bryant, Palmer, Talbert, Woolrich, Kruml, Pearson, GLATTHAAR, Colleen Moore, Nelson, Matthew Andrews, LaSerna, Brett Whalen , Barney, Bull, Chutner, Mulvey, Holland, Fletcher, Brandon Hunziker, REID, Whalen, Max Owre, Jaruch, Ashley, Williams, Chasteen, MERCOGLIANO, Richard Talbert, Katherine Otis, Saikia, Van Wyk, Unknown, Lubin, Caudell, Duffy, K, Andrew, Morrison, Feimster, LINDSAY, LOTCHIN, Hagemann, Casteel, Tuget, Wood, Perdue, Susan Pennybacker, Dont Remember, Strong, Don't Remember, WILLIAMSON, Silkenat, Jarousch
  • 150

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