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  • 3 Pages Homework 4(1)
    Homework 4(1)

    School: Oregon

    Homework 4 EC 320 Professor Piger Fall 2012 Due: Tuesday, October 23 Analytical Exercises 1) Suppose that the p-value for a null hypothesis is 0.03. Which of the following is true? Give a brief justification for your answer. a) You reject the null hypothe

  • 3 Pages jazz quiz 3
    Jazz Quiz 3

    School: Oregon

  • 3 Pages HW2_solutions

    School: Oregon

    EC421 Homework 2 - Solutions Gulcan Cil HOMEWORK 2 - Solutions Use Restaurants data set that you have used for Homework 1 the questions in this assignment. The location variable in our restaurants data set indicates the location of each restaurant in Chic

  • 7 Pages Homework 6 Solutions(1)
    Homework 6 Solutions(1)

    School: Oregon

    Homework 6 Solutions EC 320 Professor Piger Fall 2012 Analytical Exercises 1) Consider the following multiple linear regression model: (Equation 1) You want to test the null hypothesis that neither nor has an effect on . You have a sample of size n = 55.

  • 2 Pages Graded Homework 1
    Graded Homework 1

    School: Oregon

    ACC 470/570 Winter 2011 Graded Homework 1: This assignment is due in class on Thursday Wednesday January 26th. The assignment is to be completed individually. You may consult with classmates to discuss the problems, but each individual student must turn i

  • 6 Pages EC311FinalExam.doc

    School: Oregon

    NAME: Econ 311 Sumer 2011 Final Exam NAME: Summer Concerts I've got $500 to spend on summer concerts, and this is my lucky summer because two of my favorite artistsGwen Stefani and Snoop Dogg are each going to be on tour. My preferences for their concerts

  • 3 Pages Problem1_answers

    School: Oregon

    Course: Internatinal Trade

    Prof. Anca Cristea Answers: Problem Set 1 EC 481/581 Spring 2011 Part A: Network Go to the following website: http:/strategis.ic.gc.ca/sc_mrkti/tdst/engdoc/tr_homep.html It reports detailed international trade s

  • 57 Pages Homework 1
    Homework 1

    School: Oregon

    Homework 1 Economics 320 Winter 2013 Due January 14 Name: Points: /20 Read This First: Homework in this course will include both analytical and computer exercises. The computer exercises will involve work with statistical software packages. It is expected

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