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  • 27 Pages Neuro Notes Part III
    Neuro Notes Part III

    School: Brandeis

    NPSY 11: Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience4.8.13- NEURO PART III- PAY ATTENTION IN CLASSEmotions-Emotions are tough to teach because they seem so obvious.-Even casual conversations consider emotions, what are at play-Something we intrinsically believe

  • 7 Pages Exam 2 Review Notes
    Exam 2 Review Notes

    School: Brandeis

    Key terms for Exam 2 10/23/09 versionChapter 6: Learning-Learning: process through which experience at one time alters behavior at a future time-Behaviorism:An approach that advocates that psychologists restrict themselves to thescientific study of ob

  • 3 Pages Neuro Notes Part III.5
    Neuro Notes Part III.5

    School: Brandeis

    NPSY 11: Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience5.1.13- Hard ProblemsHard Problems-Every possible answer we come up with is shit.-The hard problems are the ones where we don't know how to study adequately.-2 problems: Hard problems-Previously, I've given y

  • 28 Pages Neuro Notes Part II
    Neuro Notes Part II

    School: Brandeis

    NPSY 11: Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience2.27.13- NEURO PART IIMotor Systems - Who cares?-The purpose of perception is to drive action-The only reason that you hear smell taste and feel is so that you can decide whether you need torun away, whether y

  • 6 Pages 113CHEM-18A-All_1314034992

    School: Brandeis

    Syllabus General Chemistry Lab, Chem18a, Fall 2011Instructor:Milos DolnikOffice: Shapiro Science Complex 00-11A , e-mail: dolnik@brandeis.eduOffice hours:Mo, Tue, Thu, Fr 3:00 4:30 pm and by appointmentLearning goals:Students in this course will ut

  • 8 Pages gecco2000_rwr

    School: Brandeis

    Recombination Without Respect: Schema Combination and Disruption in Genetic Algorithm CrossoverRichard A. WatsonJordan B. PollackDynamical and Evolutionary Machine Organization, Volen Center for Complex Systems, MS018, Brandeis University, Walt

  • 4 Pages KW_3_Lamalle

    School: Brandeis

    KINETIC THEORY OF PLASMA WAVES - Part III: Inhomogeneous plasmaP.U. LamalleLaboratoire de Physique des Plasmas - Laboratorium voor PlasmafysicaEURATOM Association, Partner in the Trilateral Euregio Clustercole Royale Militaire - Koninklijke Militaire

  • 7 Pages VanLandschoot_CornLaws

    School: Brandeis

    Corn Laws:Britain and Free TradeBy John VanLandschootThe Corn Laws are historically significant because of the role they played in sparkingdebate between advocates of free trade and supporters of protectionism in Britain. The issue wassalient during

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