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  • 17 Pages Cheyne-WTO_&_EC_PP_paper

    School: Pittsburgh

    This is a working draft. Please do not cite without permission of the author. Comments gratefully received. The Use of the Precautionary Principle in WTO Law and EC Law Ilona Cheyne Newcastle Law School (Ilona.Cheyne@ncl.ac.uk) INTRODUCTION The precaution

  • 45 Pages EUSA_Rittberger_&_Schimmelfennig

    School: Pittsburgh

    The Constitutionalization of the European Union: Explaining the Parliamentarization and Institutionalization of Human Rights Berthold Rittberger Frank Schimmelfennig Paper prepared for EUSA Ninth Biennial International Conference Austin, 31 March 2 April

  • 25 Pages Bulmer_&_Burch_190903

    School: Pittsburgh

    Simon Bulmer and Martin Burch THE EUROPEANIZATION OF UK GOVERNMENT: FROM QUIET REVOLUTION TO EXPLICIT STEPCHANGE? Simon Bulmer Department of Government University of Manchester Manchester M13 9PL Simon.bulmer@man.ac.uk Tel: 0161-275-4890 Martin Burch Depa

  • 40 Pages ncre0101_kortelainen&mayes

    School: Pittsburgh

    XVLQJ HGJH D G\QDPLF JHQHUDO HTXLOLEULXP PRGHO RI WKH HXUR DUHD Plnd Nruwhodlqhq +Edqn ri Ilqodqg, Gdylg J Pd|hv +Edqn ri Ilqodqg dqg Fhqwuh iru Uhvhdufk rq Hxursh/ Xqlyhuvlw| ri Fdqwhuexu|, Uhylvhg yhuvlrq ri sdshu suhsduhg iru wkh Ukhlqlvfk0Zhvwiolfkhv

  • 27 Pages ICAlexiou

    School: Pittsburgh

    Effective Demand and Unemployment. The European Case: Evidence from Thirteen Countries. Constantinos Alexiou Abstract: Nowadays, the long-standing relationship between effective demand and unemployment seems to be fading into oblivion. Economic policies d

  • 4 Pages scop2002_3_4

    School: Pittsburgh

    Challenges for the Accession Countries in the EU's Environmental Field Anne Marie Sciberras Lecturer 110 billion1 . the estimated costs the candidate countries have to pay in order to become compliant with the EU's environmental policy. This just goes to

  • 109 Pages postal_gp_annex_COM_91_476

    School: Pittsburgh

    COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(91) 476 rJn~j Brussels 11 June 199:' GREEN PAPER ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE SINGLE MARKET FOR POSTAL SERVICES ANNEXE S (Communication from the Commission) Blank pages not reproduced: 256 , 258, .268 , 280, 292, 31

  • 31 Pages dp_c67_van_heuven

    School: Pittsburgh

    Zentrum fr Europische Integrationsforschung Center for European Integration Studies Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms-Universitt Bonn Discussion Paper C 67 2000 Marten van Heuven Where will NATO be ten years from now? Marten van Heuven is a Senior Consultant

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