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Berkeley Top Documents
  • 16 Pages Econ131_PS1Sol_S2010

    School: Berkeley

    Course: Public Economics

    Econ 131 - Spring 2010 Professor: Emmanuel Saez GSI: Franois Gerard, Mark Borgschulte c Problem Set 1 Solutions Short Answers: A) Discuss two reasons that government should intervene in the operation of free markets and give two examples of real-world gov

  • 6 Pages Week+3+Listening+Assignment

    School: Berkeley

    Course: American Music

    Week 3 Listening Assignment BALLAD 1. Compare the following versions of "Barbara Allen" by filling in the chart for each (lyrics can be found below each chart). Singer Genre Form Instrument(s) Meter / Rhythm Tempo Performance style Lyrics / POV Rebecca Ta

  • 3 Pages mcb 32l - Lab 1 Report
    Mcb 32l - Lab 1 Report

    School: Berkeley

    Course: Physiology Lab

    Movement of Electrolytes Across an Artificial Membrane I. Introduction Background: When there are solutions of different concentrations of ions on opposite sides of a membrane, the concentrations of each attempt to reach equilibrium. If the membrane is pe

  • 4 Pages ps2

    School: Berkeley

    Course: 100A

    Problem Set 2 Econ 100 A Fall 2012 September 18th, 2012 Due in lecture, Wednesday, September 26th Please, show all the necessary math and explain your answer in a concise way. 1. In this problem you will have to overcome your fear of working out the algeb

  • 10 Pages Chem 15 lab report 3
    Chem 15 Lab Report 3

    School: Berkeley

    Course: Chem 15

    Tien Wei (Tom) Lee SID: 21846711 Chem 15 Lab Lab Section 101 GSI: Jamie Kulp Lab Partner: Yun Liang Locker numbers: G10-3 (606-3), G09-3 (27-5) Experiment 3 Potentiometry: Titration of a halide ion mixture Introduction: The goal of this experiment is to d

  • 1 Page Ec131 -S2013 -Section 11
    Ec131 -S2013 -Section 11

    School: Berkeley

    Course: Public Economics

    CHAPTER 15 / Health Insurance I: Health Economics and Private Health Insurance -6- to buy private health insurance and it will make it more expensive for unhealthy people. Large firms tend Insurance Section 11: Healthto offer health insurance more frequen

  • 9 Pages Exam 3 - Fall 2011 - Answers
    Exam 3 - Fall 2011 - Answers

    School: Berkeley


    Name: _ (Last name, first name) SID: _ GSI: _ Econ 100B Macroeconomic Analysis Professor Steven Wood Fall 2011 Exam #3 ANSWERS Please sign the following oath: The answers on this test are entirely my own work. I neither gave nor received any aid while tak

  • 9 Pages 11-NMR

    School: Berkeley

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