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  • 2 Pages Week 1, Class 2
    Week 1, Class 2

    School: University Of Texas

    MUS 302L: Introduction to Western Music Week 1, Class 2: Fundamentals I: Time in Music Music Fundamentals We will spend the next week learning about the separate parameters of music that, when combined, create the music we hear and study. These include: r

  • 10 Pages 303 2 - music fundamentals
    303 2 - Music Fundamentals

    School: University Of Texas

    Lecture 2 September 4, 2012 Music Basics and Terminology Now playing: Rock to the Music: Rhythm Jesters King of Swing: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Play That Funky Music: Wild Cherry Course Description: what we are going to listen for Wewillexplorethedierentorgan

  • 7 Pages Final study guide
    Final Study Guide

    School: Cal Poly

    MU 120 Final examination study guide 4/3/2008 11:51:00 PM Music fundamentals qualities of sound [pitch, amplitude (incl. dynamics such as piano and forte), duration] instruments interval vs. chord textures: monophony, polyphony, homophony, monody M

  • 3 Pages WWWE-piano

    School: U. Houston

    MUED4342 Music Fundamentals & Literature for Children WWW Evaluation- The Piano Education Page September 11, 2007 Worldwide Web Resources Evaluation Name and address of site: The Piano Education Page-http:/pianoeducation.org/ Type of site (school di

  • 2 Pages Review for Quiz Key
    Review For Quiz Key

    School: Saint Joseph's University

    Music Fundamentals SJU Spring 2013 Review for Quiz #2 (KEY) 1. Name each of the following intervals below. m3 m2 M7 P4 D5 A4 M6 D7 A4 P8 2. Write the requested intervals above the given notes. 3. Write the requested intervals below the given notes. 4. Nam

  • 2 Pages Week 2, Class 3
    Week 2, Class 3

    School: University Of Texas

    MUS 302L: Introduction to Western Music Week 2, Class 3: Fundamentals 4: Form and Genre GENRE the category of the music. answers the question what type of music is this? examples: song opera symphony string quartet piano sonata FORM the repetitio

  • 2 Pages mus11 syllabus112012b
    Mus11 Syllabus112012b

    School: UCSB

    Music 11- Fundamentals of Music MWF 8:00-8:50am Spring 2012 Instructor: Nicholas Jurkowski Office: 2308 Office Hours: M 1:00pm-2:00pm F 11:30am-12:30pm njurkowski@gmail.com Teaching Assistants: Claire Barbasch Office: 2240 Office hours: T 11:00-12:00pm R

  • 3 Pages Musical Texture and Form
    Musical Texture And Form

    School: ASU

    UNIT I Introduction Fundamentals of Music Musical Texture and Form Up to this point, we have talked about how music works in time. Now, we will briefly explore how music is put together how it is constructed. Again, we can think of this constructio

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