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  • 3 Pages stats-case 15.5
    Stats-case 15.5

    School: Utah

    Travis Giguere Matlock Arnold Achem Pichay Mgt 3440-1 Case Study 15.5 Wendell Motors Executive Summary To create a model to figure out what affect shipping on holidays has, we ran a forward selection stepwise regression analysis. By looking at the

  • 7 Pages PS 1 Solutions
    PS 1 Solutions

    School: Utah

    Course: Physical Chemistry I

    Chem 3060 Quantum Chemistry & Spectroscopy Problem Set #1 Solutions 1. For each of the following systems, determine the order-of-magnitude value for the size of the system (in SI units of length, meters). For example, a large dog would be roughly 100 cm,

  • 2 Pages OIS 5000 Quiz 2 - Answer Key
    OIS 5000 Quiz 2 - Answer Key

    School: Utah

    OIS 5000 Quiz #2 1/27/14 Name: _ Which of the three common process improvement methodologies (Six Sigma, Lean, or Theory of Constraints) is BEST described by each statement for questions 1-6?: 1. Concentrates on the process that slows the speed of product

  • 4 Pages Ethnography List Music 3600
    Ethnography List Music 3600

    School: Utah

    Course: World Music

    Ethnography List Music 3600-01 World Music Professor Cathy Clayton The following list is includes possible ethnographies written by noted ethnomusicologists. You may also be able to find some of these through used book sources. Assignment: Please read one

  • 8 Pages practice_quiz2_solutions

    School: Utah

    University of Utah David Eccles School of Business Department of Operations and Information Systems OIS 3660 Operations Management PRACTICE PROBLEMS FOR QUIZ - 2 Tuesday, February 24, 2014 Joes Beer, Bait, & Tackle Co. (Q1 Q2) Joes Beer, Bait, & Tackle Co

  • 1 Page case 10.2
    Case 10.2

    School: Utah

    Course: Business Statistics

    JIANG XINYAN OIS 3440-002 Case 10.2 Hamilton Marketing Services 1. a sample proportion for the pricing option 1 with the $40.00 is 6/80=0.2=20%, for the pricing option 2 with the $30.0014/80=0.175=17.5% 2. Through the calculation I did, the pricing option

  • 2 Pages stats case 15.3
    Stats Case 15.3

    School: Utah

    Travis Giguere Achem Pichay Matlock Arnold Mgt 3440-1 Case Study 15.3 Hawlins Manufacturing Executive Summary In this case Ross Hawlins wants to know why some of the Hawlins plants are producing more products than the others. He is looking at four

  • 2 Pages OIS 5000 Quiz 1 - Answer Key
    OIS 5000 Quiz 1 - Answer Key

    School: Utah

    OIS 5000 Spring 2014 Quiz #1 Name: _ 1. Deming said If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you _dont know what youre doing_. 2. What are the four main components of Process Management? a. _Inventory_ b. _Model_ c. _Improvement_ d. _Monitor

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