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    School: Cal Poly Pomona

    LECTURE 18: LEBESGUE THEORY MATH 132 SPRING 2009 1. Lebesgue Theory After having proved a number of theorems about the Riemann integral, one might be surprised to learn that there are many failings of this theory. Moreover, modern analysts long ago

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    School: Cal Poly Pomona

    HOMEWORK #5 MATH 60 SPRING 2009 due at the beginning of class Friday 2/20 Book Problems:1 Section 1.5: #22a Section 1.6: #252 Section 1.7: #22c3, 30bd Section 4.2:4 #3, 5ab, 12ac, 17abc Section 9.2:5 #1abcd, 2, 12cd, 14ab Additional Problems:6 (1)

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    School: Cal Poly Pomona

    LECTURE 1: DISCONTINUITY SETS MATH 132 SPRING 2009 We begin with an examination of discontinuity sets for real-valued functions. This will serve both as a review of Math 131 material (e.g., continuity, suprema, limits) and as an introduction to som

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