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    School: CSU Channel Islands

    Math 120A - An Introduction to Group Theory Neil Donaldson Spring 2009 Text An Introduction to Abstract Algebra, John Fraleigh, 7th Ed 2003, AdisonWesley (optional). Also check the library for entries under "Group Theory" and "(Abstract) Algebra".

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    Subgroups of A4 The alternating group A4 is written in cyclic notation as follows: A4 = {e, (12)(34), (13)(24), (14)(23), (123), (132), (124), (142), (134), (143), (234), (243)}. We nd its subgroups. By Lagranges theorem, the proper subgroups of A4 c

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    School: CSU Channel Islands

    Math 120A Introduction to Group Theory: Question sheet 5 Hand in questions 2, 3 & 4 at lecture Friday May 8th 1. Give examples of two distinct groups of order 720, one Abelian, the other not, stating which is which. 2. In this question we work in the

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